27 Short Careers that Pay Well (2023 salaries)

27 Short Careers that Pay Well (2023 salaries)

Do you want to get a job after spending four or more years in university? Do you want to know about the Short Careers that Pay Well? If yes, you are at the right place. 

You can earn well from some professions without spending your time and money.

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27 Short Careers that Pay Well

The lack of job opportunities per the field of studies and the cost of a conventional university degree are the major causes of people thinking about switching to short careers that pay well. Following is the list of high-paying jobs that pay well with short careers.

S.No.Job TitleAverage Annual Salary
1Diagnostic Medical Sonographer$74,320/-
2Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technician$65,260/-
3Elevator and Escalator Installer and Repairers$84,990/-
5Claims Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators$66,790/-
6Web Developers$73,760/-
7Network and Computer System Administrators$83,510/-
8Funeral Services Manager$76,350/-
9Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)$35,400/-
10Personal Trainer$48,440/-
11Graphic Designer$52,110/-
12Medical Coder$42,630/-
13Real Estate Broker$59,720/-
14Certified Bookkeeper$41,230/-
15IT Support Specialist$52,270/-
16Project Manager of Construction$95,260/-
17Project Manager for Computer and IT$146,360/-
18Web Administrators $88,550/-
19Cargo and Freight Agents$43,740/-
20Correctional Officers and Jailers$45,180/-
21Dental Laboratory Technicians$41,340/-
22Locksmith and Safe Repairers$41,940/-
24Commercial Divers$49,980/-
25Crane and Tower Operators$56,690/-
26Respiratory Therapist$61,330/-
27Licensed Practical and Vocational Nurses$47,480/-

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

A diagnostic medical sonographer must identify and examine the disease with the help of ultrasound high-frequency sound waves to get an inner picture of human organs and tissues. A diagnostic medical sonographer is also known sonographer or an ultrasound technician.

The average annual salary of a diagnostic medical sonographer is $71,320/- per annum. 

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technician

Electrical and electronics engineering technicians design, improve, examine, manufacture and control electrical and electronic devices and systems. You can do this job in power generation companies, electrical and electronics manufacturing companies, consultancy firms and many other government institutions.

The average electrical and Electronics Engineering Technician’s salary is $65,260/- per annum.

Elevator and Escalator Installer and Repairers

Elevator and Escalator installers and repairers must assemble, fix, repair, and change elevators, escalators, and related equipment in shopping plazas, residential buildings, offices, etc. You can consider it one of the Short Careers that Pay Well.

The average salary of an Elevator and Escalator Installer and Repairer is $84,990/- per annum.


Paralegals must support lawyers by designing documents and managing files, calling on legal bystanders, keeping a legal archive and more. A paralegal also has some other names, like legal assistant and legal secretary.

They may work for a private law agency, commercial legitimate division, firm internal support, real estate counsel, and many other types of lawyers. 

The average salary of a paralegal is $51,740/- per annum.

Claims Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators

The duty of Claims adjusters, examiners, and investigators is to Examine, appraise, and resolve insurance claims. They must verify the claim and determine the right amount an insurance company must pay.

The average salary of a claims adjuster, examiner, and investigator is $66,790/- per annum.

Web Developer

Web developers must construct and maintain websites. Their responsibility is to maintain the appearance of websites and also look into the technical aspects, e.g. speed and traffic the site can manage. Web developers generate site content that demands specialized elements as well.

The average salary of a web developer is $73,760/- per annum.

Network and Computer Systems Administrators

Network and computer systems administrators must perform the day-to-day activities of networks. They are responsible for establishing, installing, and supporting a firm’s computer systems, comprising LANs, WANs, intranets, and other data communication systems.

The average income of a Network and Computer Systems Administrator is $83,510 per annum.

Funeral Services Manager

The funeral service manager is one of the jobs with Short Careers that Pay Well, but this job is only for people having more confidence. Funeral service managers must supervise the overall functions of a funeral home. They execute a wide range of duties, for example, designing and distributing the assets of the funeral home, staff management, and management of advertising and publicity.

The average income of a funeral services manager is $76,350 per annum. 

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

EMTs’ primary duty is to assist in transporting the patient in an emergency to the hospital vicinity with extreme care. This job demands extra care as the patients coming in an emergency might be in serious condition.

The EMTs course takes approximately three months to complete. The average salary of EMTs is $35,400/- annually.

Personal Trainer

The job of a personal trainer is one of the most respectable Short Careers High Paying jobs. Personal trainers must educate their clients regarding physical fitness and provide safe and appropriate equipment use guidelines. 

The average salary of a personal trainer is $48,440/- per annum. 

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers must develop visual content and imagery ideas using computer software to communicate concepts that attract consumers. They must create designs for posters, flyers, magazines, corporate reports, etc.

The average income of a graphic designer is $52,110/- per annum. 

Medical Coder

The Medical coder must study and manage the patient record and give codes to each treatment. They also need to provide coded information to the insurer and medical researchers.

This is one of the jobs with Short Careers that Pay Well. You can get the certification of the medical coder in six months. The average salary of a certified medical coder is $42,630/- per annum. 

Real Estate Broker

The duty of a Real Estate Broker is to supervise deals between purchasers and sellers. Their duties consist of designing agreements and summarizing all features, bargaining sale values, and supporting both parties’ demands, which arise during bargains. 

The average salary of a Real Estate Broker is $59,720/- per annum. 

Certified Bookkeeper

The Bookkeeper must record and maintain financial transactions of an entity, for instance, receipts and payments. They are responsible for recording transactions in the general ledgers used to generate the balance sheet and income statement.

The average income of a certified bookkeeper is $41,230/- per annum. 

IT Support Specialist

An IT support specialist must deliver technical support to their organization. Their responsibility is to install and maintain specialized equipment and troubleshoot general problems associated with Internet connectivity, assisting in system operations and data protection and management.

The average income of an IT support specialist is $52,270/- per annum.

Project Manager of Construction

Project managers must supervise the development and delivery of construction schemes. They are responsible for confirming that work is finalized on time and within the budgeted resources. They are also responsible for managing logistics, allocating work and maintaining the expenditure record. 

The project manager of construction is one of the Short Careers that Pay Well. The average salary of a project manager of construction is $95,260/- per annum. 

Project Manager for Computer and IT

The duty of project manager IT is to oversee, plan, manage, and execute a company’s specialized projects. Their primary duties consist of organizing production publications and rollouts, assigning tasks to the crucial workers and performing on projects’ development and outcomes.

The average salary of a project manager for computer and IT is $146,360/- per annum.

Web Administrators

Web administrators must create, improve, maintain, and troubleshoot websites. Most significantly, they certify a reliable and efficient user understanding. This might contains applying safety protocols, altering systems, making backups, determining software glitches, etc.

The average salary of a web administrator is $88,550/- per annum.

Cargo and Freight Agents

The cargo and freight agent must arrange the transportation of goods on behalf of the buyer or seller. Their duty includes preparing paperwork for the release of goods from customs, insurance of goods, and other formalities required as and when required for the release of goods.

The average salary of cargo and freight agents is $43,740/- per annum.

Correctional Officers and Jailers

Correctional officers and jailers must impose policies and maintain order inside the detention center, oversee prisoners’ activities and ensure that they meet all the safety and security standards. 

The average salary of correctional officers and jailers is $45,180/-

Dental Laboratory Technicians

Dental laboratory technicians must prepare and fix dental prostheses and gadgets as per the instruction of dentists; these devices comprise crowns and bridges, ceramics, implants, partial dentures, and orthodontics. 

The average salary of dental laboratory technicians is $41,340/- per annum.

Locksmith and Safe Repairers

The duty of locksmiths and safe repairers is to repair and open the locks; they are also specialists in opening locks of safes. They can prepare new keys with the help of key-cutting machines.

The average salary of locksmith and safe repairers is $41,940/- per annum.


Millwrights must supervise in repairing and installing machinery used in different organizations. They work in factories, power plants, and other industrial areas to transfer, install, and repair equipment.

The average salary of millwrights is $55,560/- per annum.

Commercial Divers

The duty of commercial divers is to overhaul, fit, and restore underwater machinery. They primarily work for military, science fields and oil and gas companies.

The average salary of a commercial diver is $49,980/- per annum.

Crane and Tower Operators

Crane and tower operators must work in the construction sites to shift material from one place to another, demolishing buildings and digging.

The average salary of a crane and tower operator is $56,690 per annum.

Respiratory Therapist

A Respiratory Therapist must deliver treatment to patients with exhaling or cardiopulmonary illnesses. They work directly with doctors and nurses to design a treatment plan for patients and examine the improvement. !

The average salary of a respiratory therapist is $61,330/- per annum. This is one of the Short Careers that pay well.

Licensed Practical and Vocational Nurses

Licensed practical and vocational nurses must provide primary patient care. They must check the temperature, blood pressure, pulsation, and exhalation.

The average salary of licensed practical vocational nurses is $47,480/- per annum.

Final Words

It is all dependent on the financial position of the reader. If you are in a better financial position, you must pursue higher studies. If you are not in a position to go for higher studies, you can choose one of the professions discussed in this article as per your interest. 

By choosing one of the above jobs, you may have short careers that pay well. You can get up to $146,360/- annually; on average, and you can draw more than $50,000/- annually.

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