Can Part-time Job Pay Your Tuition Fee in Canada?

Can Part-time Job Pay Your Tuition Fee in Canada?

Before we compare the part-time job pay and tuition fee, let’s find out how much an international student can earn in Canada.

To help international students in Canada, I have listed the top 10 highest paying part-time jobs that do not require experience. 

If you are looking for affordable degrees in Canada for an undergraduate or master’s degree, here are the 10 cheapest universities in Canada for international students. The list includes the top five cheapest universities for an undergraduate degree and the top five cheapest universities for a master’s degree.

Must know: 

Part-time or Full-time work for international student

  • Canada offers all its international students the opportunity to work 20 hours a week during the semester which is part-time working. And full time during summer break or winter breaks up to 40 hours a week.
  • The important part that you need to remember is that international students don’t need any extra work permit to work part-time or full-time during the tenancy of your program.
  • Study permit is enough to allow international students in Canada to work.

Top 10 Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs In Canada For International Students

Are you an international student coming to Canada and you also want to work here to cover your living expenses or maybe even tuition fees. Well, then you need to know about the top ten highest paying companies in Canada.

Here is the list I’ll give you not just the highest paying companies that pay the most and do not require any schooling for the jobs. But also companies that are the best to work. These companies offer career growth and treat employees the best.

These companies do not require any prior schooling you are getting on the job training and getting paid the most in Canada for a starter job.

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Air Canada

As the representative of the Air Canada call center, you’ll be making $14 per hour. Air Canada part-time jobs

The Keg Steakhouse

Here you will be making $15 per hour as a prep cook or a server. And keep in mind that either of those positions gets tips on top of their salary. Expect to double or even triple what you make per hour with the tips. In Canada tips are mandatory. And if you want to cover your tuition fees working here part-time I definitely recommend working as a server. Keg Steakhouse employment


Number 8 on the list is a caregiver. You can $15 per hour as a caregiver. And this job is not listed by a specific company. You just search your local nursing home or Hospital and they always hire caregivers, dietary aids, and so on. Those positions make really good money as not a lot of people want to work with older people. You might want to consider that if you really want to cover your expenses in Canada. Caregiver jobs in Canada


Number seven on the list are you good at makeup. Well, I have good news for you that Sephora the internationally renowned beauty company hires artists and pays them $15 per hour. Sephora jobs


Number six on the list is Costco where they pay you $16 per hour and more. Here you will be doing some simple tasks such as being a packer or uploading new products. Employment opportunities at Costco

TD Bank

Number five on the list TD trust being one of the biggest banks in the world you’ll make around $17 per hour as a customer service representative.  TD bank career website

Fed Ex

You have probably already heard about Fed Ex. This delivery company pays its drivers upwards from $18 per hour. That’s really good. Join FedEx Canada


You’ll be making $18.50 per hour as a specialist or a sales representative. In other words and it’s not just about the money as Apple offers multiple benefits to their employees. Jobs at Apple


Number two on the list as Amazon. Working for this giant operated and owned by the richest men in the world Jeff Bezos you’ll be making 19 dollars or even more as a driver. Amazon job search


Number one on the list finally this the telecommunications giant in Canada and even the world you’ll be making $20 or more as the customer support representative. Apply for a job at Telus

Cost of study for international students in Canada

Studying in Canada for an undergraduate and master’s degree is much more affordable than in many other developed countries. Therefore studying in Canada is an excellent alternative for those looking for an affordable degree as an international student.

Depending on the university you opt for, Canada offers low tuition rates for international and domestic students compared to the US, UK, and Australia. Plus, you will be studying in an English or French environment in a developed country.

Average Tuition fee

In general, tuition fees for international students in Canada will depend on the type of program and where you choose to study.

Bachelor’s degree will vary from seven thousand two hundred dollars up to forty-nine thousand eight hundred dollars per year. While a master’s degree will cost from three thousand two hundred dollars to forty-two thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars.

  • The tuition fee of a Bachelor’s degree for international students in Canada: $7,200 – $49,800
  • The tuition fee of the Master’s degree for international student in Canada: $3,200- $42,850

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Top five cheapest universities for undergraduate degrees in Canada

If you are looking for the most affordable options for undergraduate degrees Canada has to offer here are the cheapest universities.

Memorial University of Newfoundland

  • Located in st. John’s Newfoundland.
  • The tuition fee for an undergraduate degree: C$ 11,460 

Memorial University warmly welcomes and encouraged international applications. The university offers specialized services for international students such as student advising and internationalization office and international student groups. International students can choose from over 100 programs.

Canadian Maronites university

  • Located in Winnipeg Manitoba.
  • The tuition fee for an undergraduate degree: C$10,000

International students at CMU are welcomed and encouraged to apply due to their wide variety of experiences and perspectives that they may bring. International students may choose from over 19 majors or bachelor studies.

The University of Guelph

  • Located in Guelph Ontario
  • The tuition fee for an undergraduate degree: C$ 9,731

Of students who receive special assistance at the University with visa applications, English language study, housing, and have classes – advice or specifically for international students.

University the st. boniface

  • Located in Winnipeg Manitoba.
  • The tuition fee for undergraduate degrees: C$ 7,482

International students at st. Boniface, most aspects to be able to speak a certain level of French as this is a French University. Some programs also require a level of English proficiency as well.

Bradden university

  • Located in Braden Manitoba.
  • The tuition fee for an undergraduate degree: C$ 7,230

Brown University claims to have a long and positive relationship with international students. And offers one-to-one Professor interactions and research opportunities not available at larger universities.

Top five cheapest universities for master degrees in Canada

Here are five of the cheapest universities for a master degree in Canada

University of Saskatchewan

  • Located in Saskatoon.
  • In Saskatchewan, the tuition fee for a master’s degree is C$ 4,360

There are over 80 master’s and Doctorate degrees that specialize in research and medical fields.

Simon Fraser University

  • Located in Burnaby British Columbia.
  • The tuition fee for a master’s degree is C$ 3,743

The university offers a variety of graduate programs in Applied Sciences, Arts and Social Sciences, business, Communication, Arts and Technology, education, environment, Health Sciences, and Sciences.

University Kagari

  • Located in Calgary Alberta.
  • The tuition fee for a master’s degree is C$3,700.

The university offers course-based and research-based master’s and Doctorate degrees in a variety of subjects.

University of Northern British Columbia

  • Located in Prince George British Columbia.
  • The tuition fee for a master’s degree is C$3,300.

The university offers an MBA, master’s graduate certificates, and doctorate programs.

Memorial University of Newfoundland

  • Located in Saint John’s Newfoundland.
  • The tuition fee for a master’s degree is C$ 3223 dollars.

There is a large variety of master’s and doctorate programs both in-person and online in fields of humanities and Social Sciences professional programs interdisciplinary programs and sciences.


While studying in Canada may save you on tuition fees you can still consider applying for scholarships. There a good number of scholarships and grants available to international students and even scholarships exclusively for students from specific countries. 



Cost of living in Canada

As with most large countries because live-in varies drastically across the expensive nation of Canada.

According to the Canadian rental housing index, many large metro police areas are not affordable for most international students. However there still some areas where one can live on a student budget.

According to experts at, you need an average living cost of 1,675 CAD per month in Canada. 

Can Part-time Job Pay Your Tuition Fee in Canada?

Let’s consider the scenario where you worked part-time for 4 months or about 17 weeks during a semester.

In the time span of one semester, an international student is allowed to work 20 hours.

With part-time job pay of $16 per hour, you can earn $5,440.

  • No. of work hours per week x No. of weeks x part-time job pay per hour = Total earning
  • 20 x 17 x 16 = $5440

Let’s answer the important question:

Can a part-time job pay for your tuition fee in Canada?

Yes, you can pay your tuition fee in Canada with your part-time job. But there are a few conditions you need to think about.



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