Coursera Cost: Free Plans vs. Pro Plans Pricing (Truth)

Coursera Cost: Free Plans vs. Pro Plans Pricing (Truth)

A massively powerful online learning platform is Coursera. There are countless online courses available for almost any subject you could imagine!

In addition, Coursera offers a variety of courses and learning paths depending on the goals of the students. Therefore, Coursera provides what you’re searching for whether you want to add a new professional skill to your résumé, create an altogether new career talent, or just want to learn something new for pleasure.


Students can learn about a wide range of subjects through Coursera, including data science, business management, computer science, coding, personal development, voice over training, Microsoft Office training, Excel classes, acting classes, Javascript, React, Azure, teaching, Linux, social media marketing, and much more.

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More than 1,500 free courses are available on Coursera, and there are also premium courses with supervised projects, specializations, and other features.

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Studying at Prestigious Institutions

That is correct! Major institutions and businesses have joined with Coursera to make sure that students are always learning skills that are in demand and are being taught by actual experts.

Coursera provides a vast array of essential features, including professional certificates, engaging courses, tests, weekly exercises, and much more. Additionally, Coursera provides a student forum where participants can interact and explore opportunities for greater learning.

The specifics of the Coursera pricing tiers and the capabilities offered by each tier will be covered in this article. We will go over the various features and specifications that each plan includes in this article. By the conclusion, you’ll be able to select the strategy that works best for you to begin your educational adventure right now!

What therefore distinguishes each Coursera plan from the others? For additional information, including costs, features, and other specifics, keep reading.

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Let’s begin with a review of Coursera’s pricing.

Key Characteristics Of Coursera:

  • a course’s interactive materials
  • paths to learning
  • Checks for understanding
  • Assessments
  • video of the highest calibre
  • courses led by professionals
  • advancing education
  • Flexible schedules that allow for self-paced learning
  • Easy to use
  • straightforward platform
  • high-quality material
  • The possibility of financial assistance
  • incredible educational opportunities

It’s simple to make a purchase on Coursera, but in case you need any assistance, I’ll walk you through the procedure step by step.

Briefly stated, you:

  • Sign up with Coursera and then explore the site to determine which course or subscription you want to buy.
  • Sign up and pay
  • From Coursera’s home page, you log in. You only need to enter your email address and password to make an account, or you can use your Facebook or Google login information.

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What Is The Price Of Coursera?

The plan you select will affect the cost of Coursera. There are free courses, paid courses/certifications, and a monthly subscription plan with access to more than 7,000 courses accessible.

There are numerous Coursera plans available. They are distinctive and have special features to enhance the experience.

Additionally, Coursera provides payment options that fit a wide range of budgets. For corporations and organizations, there are programs for individual learning, continual learning, and a team environment.

The number of courses offered and the type of certification the student receives upon completion are the two key variations between the Coursera plans.

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How Much Do Coursera Certificates Cost?

Coursera offers free courses, guided projects that start at $9.99, specializations that start at $39.99 per month, and professional certificates. Full degrees start at $9,000, and a Coursera Plus subscription costs $399 per year.

Career-relevant Coursera Professional Certificates are available. They are intended to educate in-demand skills to get you job-ready for a profession in under a year and are more rigorous than Specializations.

The majority of Professional Certificate programs begin with a seven-day free trial that, if you decide to continue, converts to a monthly subscription. The first month’s subscription costs $39.

You may find out all you need to know about the prices for a certain Professional Certificate by clicking on the course that interests you and then choosing to enroll. You can simply navigate away if it’s not for you:

A number of related training units taught by professionals from prominent businesses in the field, practical assignments and projects, a professional credential accepted by many hiring consortiums, and access to job search tools. Some provide incentives for achieving targets, such as cost-free tool subscriptions.

In the following categories, there are more than 100 professional certificates:

  • start your career.
  • Boost your career
  • getting ready for certification
  • Data Science for Business, IT, and Computer Science

How Does Coursera Pricing Work?

The various programs on Coursera are chosen to address various learning requirements.

In order to assist you in choosing the Coursera program that best suits you, we’ve detailed each choice below:

  • Directed Projects
  • Specializations
  • Professional Licenses
  • MasterTrack
  • Degrees
  • Business Coursera

The next section discusses Coursera Plus subscriptions.

Overview and price of Coursera’s guided projects

Coursera Guided Projects: What are they? Guided Projects are intended to swiftly and effectively teach job-relevant skills. They can last up to two hours.

Costs Of Coursera Guided Projects

A guided project starts at $9.99 in price.

Coursera Guided Project Composition

A practical, interactive learning experience where you watch professional video instructions to be guided step-by-step through finishing a project on a shared screen. A certificate to demonstrate your learning

Disciplines Of Coursera Guided Projects  Available

Data science, technology, and business are the key areas of focus out of almost 2,300 guided projects in 9 different fields.

Coursera Specializations

 Specializations are in-depth, created to develop mastery, and teach skills pertinent to a particular career. They can take up to three months to finish (and occasionally longer).

Prices for Coursera Specializations

 A Specialization starts at $39 per month in cost. You can also choose to free of charge Audit some of a specialization’s content, which provides you access to all the material but excludes the possibility of obtaining a certificate.

 Coursera Specialization Cover

 Specializations include a demanding sequence of course units taught by professors from the best institutions and businesses in the world, practical projects, graded assignments, and a Specialization Certificate.

How Much Is Coursera Subscription?

Coursera Plus

 With the Coursera Plus subscription option, you have unrestricted access to more than 90% of the Coursera library.

The cost of Coursera Plus is $59 per month or $399 paid in advance (a $309 annual savings compared to Coursera Plus’ monthly price). A seven-day free trial is included with the monthly subscription. the yearly subscription that is paid in advance and has a 14-day money-back guarantee.

90% of the available Coursera courses, including the majority of Specializations, Guided Projects, and Professional Certificates. The flexibility to switch between different courses while receiving certifications for each one you finish.

The Coursera plans to offer good value for the money.

Because I say this:

  • Coursera only hosts content from the very best and most well-known institutions worldwide. These include the universities of Edinburgh, Princeton, Yale, Imperial College London, Meta, Google, and Microsoft.
  • The majority of the time, the same tutors who teach in-person university or industry courses are renowned experts in their professions and serve as tutors.
  • The average course rating on Coursera is 4.7/5, and 81% of students give their course a 5-star rating. 93% of students said they would refer a friend to Coursera.
  • It is one of the few online learning platforms that provides significant certification that can help you advance your profession and increase your compensation. The figures support this:
  • Learners report career benefits in 87% of cases
  • 88% of students without degrees mention career advantages
  • Learners in emerging markets report career benefits in 91% of cases.
  • 84% of jobless students say their careers have benefited them
  • It allows you to enroll in master’s programs and prestigious degrees that are affordable and relevant to your career.
  • It offers you a wide range of opportunities to invest in the finest possible asset you can. Yourself.

This is a perfect lead-in to the following part. Since you play a crucial role in getting the most out of Coursera.

Does Coursera Charge Per Course?

On Coursera, several courses are available for a single, 180-day payment. The price of a course is disclosed on the course description page. In some places, payments may also be subject to sales tax. You can see the sales tax on the checkout page.

Other courses are a part of Specializations, so they can be accessed by subscribing. When you pay a monthly price to access all of the courses in a Specialization, you have access to all of the courses in that Specialization.

To view the options and subscription prices for a course or Specialization:

  • Your Coursera account by logging in.
  • Open the course or specialization description page to view the cost information.
  • Select “Enroll”

Subscriptions are available for some specialties. You will be charged each month after subscribing to a Coursera course or Specialization until you either finish the Specialization by earning a Certificate in each course in that Specialization or cancel your subscription.

You can access most of the Coursera courses by purchasing an annual subscription through Coursera Plus. Once a year, starting when your Coursera Plus subscription is started, you will be charged the annual price.

Students can buy a learning pass to sign up for a specialization.

Prepaid cards are not accepted for subscription payments on Coursera.

 Several Ways To Maximise The Benefits Of Coursera

The Coursera plan that offers the greatest value is ultimately used. and effectively utilized.

You must: in order to maximize your Coursera experience.

Spend some time locating the ideal fit:

  1. To browse and see all the fees and what is free, sign in to Coursera from the main screen. An email address and password are all that are required. You can also use your current Facebook or Google login information.
  2. Sign in and then explore! You can click on What We Offer or any of the items below it at the very bottom of the page, linger over Explore, scroll down to look at various alternatives, or do any of these things. 
  3. Additionally, you can filter your queries while using the search feature. Don’t forget to read reviews from pupils who have participated in the courses or programs you are considering, and make note of the course rating.
  4. Click Enroll when you find anything you like to learn how much it will cost. Just use the back button to leave if it’s not for you.

Adopt discipline.

  1. Make it a habit to learn. For best results, space out your learning sessions.
  2. Start off on the right foot. When you start a course by staying on top of deadlines and procedures, your chances of finishing the course are doubled.
  3. The more you follow a learning schedule if you’re paying for a course on a monthly basis, the faster you’ll finish it and save money.
  4. To get the most out of Coursera Plus, consider enrolling in as many courses as you can.
  5. Participate in online forums with other students to stay interested and on task.

Few Scholarships From Coursera

For students who want to fully engage in a course and achieve a certificate but can’t pay the costs, financial aid or scholarships are available.

You cannot apply for financial aid on a mobile device; you must do so on a computer or laptop.

Click Financial Aid Available on the course’s homepage if that’s the course you’re interested in.

Carefully fill out and submit your application. Coursera does not specify its eligibility requirements, but the following advice can help you respond to the main inquiries:

Why are you requesting financial assistance? Describe your background, your income (or your parents’ income), your current situation, and your future ambitions in comparison to the national average.

How can enrolling in this course help you reach your professional objectives? Describe how the course you’re considering will help you accomplish your objectives. Stress how driven you are to finish the course and participate in the learning community.

Make sure your response is at least the required word count (which at the time of writing was 150 words)

Coursera could take up to 15 days to respond.

If your application has been approved or denied, you’ll receive an email explaining why. If there was a flaw in your application that you can fix, you can submit it again.

Most Coursera courses and choices, but not all, are eligible for financial aid.


Coursera is unquestionably worthwhile if you’re serious about investing in your future and in yourself.

It provides more than 7,000 courses in popular academic areas. The average course rating on Coursera is 4.7/5, and 93% of students say they would recommend it to a friend. The instructors come from some of the most famous universities and corporations in the world.

Due to Coursera’s extensive and varied offerings, you do need to be willing to put in the time to search the website for the course, program, or subscription that best suits you.

You can access a tonne of information for free as well. Additionally, virtually everything comes with 7-day free trials or 14-day money-back guarantees with the exception of the brief, guided projects. This eliminates the possibility of losing out if Coursera isn’t for you.

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