10 Easiest Stem Majors With Jobs and Salaries

10 Easiest Stem Majors With Jobs and Salaries

Here is the list of 10 Easiest Stem Majors With Jobs and Salaries. How do know they are easy STEM majors?

Well, the list is compiled after analyzing the number of hours you need to study in week.

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The easiest stem major to study in agricultural engineering. In this degree, you need to study 12.74 hours per week in college. And for better understanding, I have also included a list of jobs with salaries that you can acquire with these easy Stem majors.

Note that the salary varies from country to country and industry to industry. These are numbers are based on the USA job industry and payscale. Source

10 Easiest Stem Majors

Let’s begin with our list of 10 Easiest Stem Majors.

Easiest Stem MajorsHours to study per week

Marine Engineering


Industrial Engineering


Computer Science


Environmental Engineering


Health and Safety Engineering


Information technology


Computer Information System


Geographic Information Science


Management Science


Agricultural Engineering


Marine Engineering

  • Average marine engineering major salary: $65,960 per year or $31.71 per hour

Marine engineering prepares you to use mathematical and scientific principles for the maintenance and development of machineries used in water. These machineries include ships, boats, yachts, submarines, oil platforms and so on.

With marine engineering, you learn to design, develop and maintain vessels operating in or under the water.

You are also introduced to concepts of corrosion, pressure, power transfer, hull efficiency and stress factors. The study of marine engineering also emphasizes learning safety and life support as well as environmental hazards and factors.

Highest paying jobs for marine engineering majors

Here is the list of Highest paying jobs for marine engineering majors with average salaries:

  1. Machining Engineer $114,922
  2. Senior Engineer: $97,484
  3. Facility Engineer: $88,534
  4. Software Engineer: $86,156
  5. Staff Engineer: $85,130
  6. Marine Engineer: $84,500
  7. Engineer: $78,492
  8. Building Engineer: $78,098
  9. Process Engineer: $77,626
  10. Design Engineer: $76,675

Industrial Engineering

  • Average industrial engineering major salary: $64,538 per year or $31.03 per hour

Industrial engineering prepares you to use scientific and mathematical principles to simplify systems. These systems involve people, material, information and energy usage in the industry.

You will be dealing with different concepts to design, improve and install systems in the industry to improve its efficiency. For example, in industrial engineering, you study engineering analysis, systems design and computer applications. Later in jobs, you  use these concepts to improve the integrated systems in the industry.

With an industrial engineering major, you get lots of job opportunities. You can work in almost all the departments of business that deals with development and maintenance.

Highest paying jobs for industrial engineering majors

Here is the list of highest paying jobs for industrial engineering majors with average salaries:

  1. Data Engineer: $99,765
  2. Senior Process Engineer: $97,985
  3. Data Scientist: $97,952
  4. Senior Quality Engineer: $92,682
  5. Reliability Engineer: $92,640
  6. Research And Development Engineer: $90,449
  7. Solutions Engineer: $88,709
  8. Software Engineer: $86,156
  9. Senior Industrial Engineer: $85,745
  10. Sales Engineer: $84,403

Computer Science

  • Average computer science major salary: $64,835 per year or $31.17 per hour

Due to the advancement of technology in recent years, computer science majors have become very attractive options for students. This is a very broad degree major. It means it does not limit you to one industry. 

We are aware that small to big businesses use computerized systems to manage their data, process, manufacturing and transportations. The list of operations handled by the computer systems are endless.

The degree itself focuses on understanding computer systems and how these systems can be used to solve business problems.

Highest paying jobs for computer science majors

  1. Staff Software Engineer: $128,023
  2. Principal Software Engineer: $126,152
  3. Senior Software Development Engineer: $118,554
  4. Software Development Engineer: $112,620
  5. Software Engineer Lead: $109,417
  6. Software Applications Engineer: $104,696
  7. Senior Software Engineer: $104,227
  8. Solutions Architect: $100,791
  9. Data Engineer: $99,765
  10. Security Engineer: $98,055

Environmental Engineering

  • Average environmental engineering major salary: $64,335 per year or $30.93 per hour

Global warming, climate change, pollution are some of many problems that require immediate solutions. Governments are introducing environmental policies to protect our surroundings and natural resources. The business has to abide by these rules or else face heavy fines.

All this has increased the value of environmental engineering majors.

Businesses look for environmental engineers who can help them develop and maintain systems of pollution control, waste and hazardous material disposal.

In this major, you learn environmental safety principles.equipment maintenance, and report preparation. 

You can also develop your own systems to measure the effects of different businesses on the environment. Also, work with different businesses to dispose of dangerous material safely into the surroundings. 

Highest paying jobs for environmental engineering majors

  1. Scientist: $97,259
  2. Environmental Engineer/Scientist: $84,633
  3. Sales Engineer: $84,403
  4. Senior Environmental Engineer: $83,686
  5. Water/Wastewater Engineer: $82,420
  6. Safety Engineer: $80,227
  7. Water Resources Engineer: $78,745
  8. Engineer: $78,492
  9. Design Engineer: $76,675
  10. Office Engineer: $76,219

Health and Safety Engineering

  • Average occupational safety and health major salary:  $73,674 annually or $35.42 hourly

As environmental engineering focuses on protecting the environment, Health and Safety Engineering deals with protection of people.

Injuries and accidents at work sites can hinder the complete project. Not only that, businesses lose money and trust because of work site accidents. That’s why businesses hire Health and Safety Engineers to stop these incidents from happening.

It is the duty of the Health and Safety Engineer to analyze the industry process to ensure that no workers get injured. You study the existing operation and prepare reports to make the working environment safe for all the personnel involved.

Highest paying jobs for occupational safety and health majors

  1. Senior Safety Engineer: $100,195
  2. Management Consultant: $95,108
  3. Quality Lead: $89,663
  4. System Safety Engineer: $86,863
  5. Risk Management Consultant: $86,020
  6. Process Safety Engineer: $85,221
  7. Senior Safety Specialist: $84,210
  8. Safety Consultant: $82,219
  9. Safety Engineer: $80,227
  10. Engineer: $78,492

Information technology

  • Average information technology major salary: $64,929 a year or $31.22 per hour

Information technology major sounds similar to computer science major. But there is a clear difference between them. Information technology involves the study of hardware and software. While computer science focuses on the study of software.

In case you don’t know, hardware are the parts of a computer that you can physically see and touch. For example, CPUs, RAM, hard-disks. Software are the systems or apps that you run on computer systems.

Most important of all, the information technology majors are in high demand in the telecommunication industry. And the pay is also good in this industry. 

Highest paying jobs for information technology majors

  1. Software Development Engineer: $112,620
  2. Hardware Engineer: $104,932
  3. Senior Software Engineer: $104,227
  4. Information Technology Technical Lead: $104,083
  5. Infrastructure Engineer: $101,586
  6. Solutions Architect: $100,791
  7. Data Engineer : $99,765
  8. Security Engineer: $98,055
  9. Data Scientist: $97,952
  10. Senior Engineer: $97,484

Computer Information System

  • Average computer information systems major salary:  $64,680 per year or $31.1 per hour

This is the third major related to technology in the list of easiest stem majors. This shows fields related to computer science are much easier to study compared to other stem majors. Additionally, these majors are in high demand and pay is also good.

As a computer information system manager, you oversee installation and maintenance of systems in the company. Not only that, you will also be responsible to ensure network security.

To sum it all, you will provide complete IT support to businesses.

Highest paying jobs for computer information systems majors

  1. Senior Network Engineer: $106,493
  2. Senior Software Engineer: $104,227
  3. Solutions Architect: $100,791
  4. Data Engineer : $99,765
  5. Security Engineer: $98,055
  6. Data Scientist: $97,952
  7. Cyber Security Engineer: $95,900
  8. Business Systems Senior Analyst: $94,354
  9. Devops Engineer: $92,763
  10. Senior Business Analyst: $91,278

Geographic Information Science

  • Average geography major salary: $61,960 per year or $29.79 per hour

Geography literally means dealing with land, its features and natural phenomenon. The field is not limited to land. It also includes living things that live on these lands. And a lot of geographical data is collected and analyzed for this purpose.

Sophisticated geo programs are developed to manage geo data. And this is where geographic information science plays its role. With a geographic information science major, you will be equipped with knowledge of geographic information  systems.

Although this is one of the easiest stem majors but not many people are aware of it. And the job opportunities are also very limited. You can work in a limited number of industries with this major.

Highest paying jobs for geography majors

  1. Software Development Engineer: $112,620
  2. Geoscientist: $99,795 249
  3. Geo Data Scientist: $97,952
  4. Journeyman Lineman: $91,121
  5. Software Engineer: $86,156
  6. Senior Data Analyst: $85,892
  7. Environmental Engineer/Scientist: $84,633
  8. Senior Analyst : $82,840
  9. Applications Developer: $81,439

Management Science

  • Average management science major salary: $65,381 a year or $31.43 per hour

The term management means “ the process of dealing with or controlling things and people”. In simpler words, it means organizing things, processes and people to get better results.

In management science, you are introduced to use scientific methods to manage business. 

There are systematic ways to complete or manage a specific task in the business. For example you can work as a project manager with a management science major. You will be responsible to supervise the project. You oversee the people involved in the project. Also, manage the products and processes involved. It is your duty to control every aspect of the project and lead it to success.

Management science is the easiest stem major. And the job opportunities are endless. With this major you are not limited to any specific industry. 

Highest paying jobs for management science majors

  1. Senior Data Scientist: $127,451
  2. Product Development Actuary: $125,351
  3. Senior Management Consultant: $121,910
  4. Health Actuary: $120,249
  5. Change Management Consultant: $109,816
  6. Data Engineer: $99,765
  7. Data Scientist: $97,952
  8. Management Consultant: $95,108
  9. Senior Business Intelligence Analyst: $95,105
  10. Business Systems Senior Analyst: $94,354

Agricultural Engineering

  • Average agricultural engineering major salary: $65,539 annually or $31.51 hourly

Agricultural industry might not excite many students. But there is a fact I think many students don’t know is that Bill Gates is the owner of the largest farm area in the USA.

Now can you think why a millionaire giant in the technology industry invested in Agriculture.

Well, because food is a necessity. No matter what people need food. Compared to asian countries, western countries are focusing on developing their agricultural land.

Agricultural engineering does not only involve study of plant cultivation or soil science. It provides you with tools to design and develop new agricultural machines. These machines can be used to increase the efficiency of harvestation and collection of crops. Overall improving farming business.

This degree is found to be the easiest stem major. And the trend is upward but location matters a lot. Agriculture is a blooming field in western countries.

Highest paying jobs for agricultural engineering majors

  1. Senior Engineer: $97,484
  2. Reliability Engineer: $92,640
  3. Software Engineer: $86,156
  4. Research Engineer: $85,592
  5. Sales Engineer: $84,403
  6. Engineer: $78,492
  7. Process Engineer: $77,626
  8. Design Engineer: $76,675
  9. Test Engineer: $74,631
  10. Field Engineer : $74,352

And with this we conclude the list of 10 easiest Stem majors.

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