Most Easy Majors That Pay Well in 2022

Most Easy Majors That Pay Well in 2022

If you google the easy majors that pay well, you would just get a generic list and most of these majors don’t even lead to super high-income jobs.

And youtube videos include majors like finance and economics which is absurd. Because those are known for being math-heavy and a lot of people find them hard.

So I had to take matters into my own hands and come up with a unique list of degrees that can pay over a hundred thousand dollars.

When I wrote an article on the hardest college majors, so many of you commented that you wanted a sequel on the easy majors that pay well.

So let’s jump right into it.

Let me know what you think about these majors.

Did any of them surprise you? Are there any majors that you thought I would include that aren’t on this list? Whatever it is, let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Easy Majors That Pay Well

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And here at the list of jobs with salaries that you can get with Easy Majors That Pay Well

  • Chief Human Resources Officer $185,950
  • Human Resources Manager $121,220
  • General and Operations Manager $103,650
  • Project Management Specialist $77,420
  • Social and Community Service Manager $69,600
  • Middle School Teacher $60,810
  • Social Worker $51,760
  • Counselor $45,760
  • Operations Manager $103,650
  • Security Manager $98,890
  • Marketing Managers $142,170
  • Miscellaneous Managers $116,350
  • Office Manager $98,890
  • Technical Writer $74,650
  • Executive Assistant $63,110
  • Secondary School Teachers $62,870
  • Elementary School Principal $98,490
  • High School Teacher $62,870
  • Special Education Teacher $61,420
  • Middle School Teacher $60,810
  • Social and Community Service Manager – $69,600
  • Management Analyst – $87,660
  • Project Management Specialist – $77,420
  • Market Research Analyst – $65,810
  • Human Resources Specialist $63,490
  • Executive Assistant – $63,110
  • Public Relations Specialist – $62,810
  • Marketing Director – $185,950
  • Marketing Manager – $142,170
  • Account Manager – $141,490
  • Technical Writer – $74,650
  • Author -$67,120
  • Editor – $63,400
  • Public Relations Specialist- $62,810
  • Reporter, Correspondent, or Broadcast News Analyst – $49,300

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Construction Management

  • Average Salary: $97,000

It’s one of the easiest and most practical majors.

A lot of the work involves projects that are done with classmates while you’re still in class. So the workload outside of class isn’t as insane as a stem degree.

Obviously, the amount of work you have to put in depends on what school you go to. But in general construction management is easier than a lot of the other degrees out there. And most companies require you to have a bachelor’s if you want to go into construction management.

So it’s super important that you get the degree.

Like with a lot of other majors though it could be hard to get a job if you don’t have hands-on experience.

Everyone I know in construction management had relevant internships and jobs while they were still in college.

But a lot of schools actually include that in their program. They make you work for a semester instead of going to classes and that makes it super easy to get the experience that you need.

The skills you’ll learn are also super practical when it comes to finding a job. And demand is growing faster than average.


It’s all about learning every single aspect of construction so you can monitor construction projects. And make sure everything is happening exactly as it needs to.

You would take classes like cost management to understand what exactly impacts construction material prices. And how to get the job done at the most efficient price. 

Also, classes like project management where you would learn everything it takes to lead a construction project from making sure you set the right deadlines to leading a team of people.

Average Salary

So if you’re a big picture person who likes building things, managing people, and managing projects at a large scale then construction management might be the perfect major for you.

  • Overall the average salary is $97,000.

But in my opinion, that’s not even the best part the skills you’ll learn set you up perfectly to start your own construction company or even a little side hustle which a lot of the people who get this degree end up doing and that can end up earning you well into the six figures.

Health Information Management

  • Average Salary: $104,000

Health information management is one of the few majors out there that didn’t have any of those prereqs.

The population getting older and healthcare being a front and center issue for everybody. This makes healthcare one of the fastest-growing industries with a ton of opportunities within it.

Getting a degree that gives you the skills to work in the healthcare industry is generally going to lead to a secure career.

Now in health information management, we focus on the business side of healthcare.

You learn everything about how healthcare operates as a whole from what needs to happen when a patient comes into how we handle billing and insurance after the patient leaves similar to construction management.

What I like most about this desgree is just how practical it is. Every single skill you learn can directly be put on your resume and make you more hirable.

The major focus heavily on healthcare data analysis which might sound complicated but it’s just learning how to use Microsoft excel and creating pretty-looking graphs. And anyone can pick that up in like a week. And if you read my article on the best degrees for 2022 then you know that data analysis skills are huge.

And because of that, the major can get you a bunch of different types of jobs not just a job in a hospital. Now obviously I’m biased but I think the major is ridiculously easy for all the benefits you get from it. 

Best Premed and Pre dental degree

Some people I know actually used this degree as a pre-med or pre-dental degree because it’s a unique way to show interest in the healthcare industry.

And because of all the free time they had, they were able to complete all their pre-med requirements which is all the more reason to get this degree.

It can help you stand out in a pool of bio majors in a med school application.

But if you end up being like one of the 50 percent of people who don’t get into med school right away then you’re still set up for a high-paying job out of college.

Average Salary

If you play your cards right you’ll do way less work than an engineering major but end up making about the same amount when you graduate college.

Now your pay does depend on what exactly you choose to do with your degree. But

  • on average someone in healthcare administration earns around $104,000.

Supply Chain Management

  • Average Salary: $60,000

Now I honestly wasn’t too familiar with this major but I knew a few people in college with it, they all ended up getting really good jobs.

So I looked a bit into it and it turns out the supply chain is super important people in the supply chain.

Oversee the entire logistical process of moving things around the world and making sure they get to the right place. Companies like Amazon are built on creating an innovative supply chain. They have hundreds of warehouses, trucks, planes- all just so you can get a package in two days and all that is managed by supply chain managers.

There’s always going to be demand for supply chain managers because every single company and every industry, as well as countries, need them to move products.


Medical companies help build supply chains to help get resources to hospitals all around the world. The supply chain network is also used by countries to trade food and natural resources.

And supply chain has only become more valuable recently with more people than ever before trying to get things delivered to their homes. But at the same time, there are a ton of labor shortages that have caused the cost of shipping things to skyrocket.

It’s part of the reason that the prices of everything are going up and the fact that a ship got stuck in a Suez canal halting global trade for days didn’t help. And now the global supply chain network is an insane mess.

But that means now is better than ever before to get a degree in supply chain management.


Now we have one of the easiest business majors, marketing. Mainly because it’s not built on a foundation of math like accounting or finance but it still has the potential to create extremely high income.

Marketing is a valuable skill to every single company no matter what industry they’re in.

Because it doesn’t matter how good your product is if you can’t get the right eyes on it. The companies aren’t going to earn money which is precisely why marketing can pay so much with the average marketing manager earning around $146,000.

At the end of the day though if you want to study something that’s easy it can earn you a decent amount of money and there are way worse choices you can make than marketing.


By now you’ve probably noticed that a lot of the degrees on this list are business-related. A lot of people knock on business majors for being easy. People think that an easy major isn’t going to get you a good job or a highly impactable one.

I know some stem majors even feel superior to business majors just because they work harder. But the truth is business majors have a great ROI when it comes to the effort you have to put in for all the benefits that you earn.

Take supply chain management, for example. You don’t have to spend countless hours in a lab like a bio major and stress every single final season about how big the curve is going to be so you can finally pass a class. But you’ll graduate college to earn around $60,000 with an average salary of a $112,000 once you gain some experience.

And the work you do is still impactable. You might not be saving lives directly like a bio major hopes to do. But when an emergency situation happens it’s someone in the supply chain who makes sure that that bio major can get all the resources they need to help people.

A risk with a lot of these hard science majors like bio is that you put all this work into undergrad but if you don’t immediately go to med school or grad school then you’ll struggle to find a job. If you do happen to find a job in biology and your average salary would be just around $40,000 which is why a lot of bio majors in that situation end up in a career that has nothing to do with their major.

Ultimately you shouldn’t chase the degree that seems easiest instead choose something that you truly enjoy because at the end of the day the more you enjoy something the easier it is

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