Fields of Computer Science

Fields of Computer Science
Fields of Computer Science
Computing Technology

There are different fields that you can apply and study in computer science. As this is the age of technology, there is a large scope of the areas that can be studied in computer science and can be helpful to build a bright future. The fields of computer science are;

  • Artificial Intelligence
  •  Computer-Human interface
  •  Game Design
  •  Network
  •  Computer Graphics
  •  Information Security
  •  Data Science
  •  Software Engineering
  • Theory


Computer Science.

Computer science is the study and learning of computers and computational studies. The persons who have computer science degrees deal mostly with software and software-related network and systems.

This discipline includes the development, theory, design, and application of software and computer-related working in different and diverse fields of life. It is a modern’s day concern and ever-evolving.

Computer science is considered and known by its scholars and practitioners as a foundational science that gives a base to other sciences and fields of studies in this era of history.

Computer scientists or computer studies experts design and analyze the algorithms to solve programs and study these programs’ performance in computer hardware and software.

Fields of Computer Science

Computer Science offers different fields with specific scope, requires particular skills, and has distinctive and distinguished salaries according to their nature and demand. In today’s world, there are many fields available in computer science in which you can apply and make your future according to your priorities.

If you want to make your future in technology and want to study Computer Science, you should be aware of the best and most professional fields relevant to your discourse of study.

Here, you will know briefly about these different fields of Computer Science. In the below table the fields of computer science and their average salaries are given.

1Artificial Intelligence$125,000
2Computer-Human Interface$118,000
3Game Design$115,000
4Computer Graphics$116,000
5Information Security$124,000
6Data Science$123,000 to $145,000
7Software Engineering$119,000

Artificial Intelligence

Fields of Computer Science

Artificial intelligence is the most enhanced form of cyber technology in this digital era. With Artificial intelligence, computers can solve complex problems, make predictions, and solve many problems in the best and most accurate manner.

Artificial intelligence applications and software use emerging and modern technologies that can interpret written and spoken words, translate languages, algorithmic analyzation of data, and can enable applications to make recommendations and predictions.


There are some skills and expertise that can be acquired in Artificial intelligence, which are;

  •  Algorithms
  • Mathematics
  • Analysis
  • Predictive modeling

Common Roles

  • Artificial Intelligence Architect
  •  Artificial Intelligence Researcher
  •  Machine Learning Engineer 

Average Annual Salary for Artificial Intelligence Skills:  $125,000

Computer-Human Interface

This field also has an essential role in computer science. There are many ways and aspects through which a person can interact with a computer in this specialization. The person can connect with a computer and build a network with computers and other people in the world through websites, mobile and internet devices, and virtual reality.


The skills that this specialization can acknowledge are:

  • Communication
  •  Attention to visual detail
  • Mapping how people use software and systems

Common Roles and Positions:

  • User Experience (UX) Designer
  •  User  Experience Researcher
  •   Interaction Designer

Average Annual Salary for HCI jobs:  $118,942

Game Design

Fields of Computer Science
Game Blueprint

Game design is considered an astonishing, rewarding, high-paying field with promising job prospects. Game designing is a complex field that requires a considerable effort to make images look like the real-life interface.

In-Game design, the front-end designers’ work, and back-end developers’ work are more important to come closer to each other for a cohesive product experience. 

If you are a game developer and designer, there will be many job opportunities in this field.


In-Game designing, these skills are highly accepted and acknowledged worldwide.

  • Attention to visual detail
  • Collaboration
  • Coding
  • Scripting

Common Roles

  • Video Game Designer
  • Video Game Developer
  • Software Engineer.

Average Annual Salary for Game Design Skills:  $115,846


This field and specialization include the modern methods with wires and wireless means to connect with internal and external resources. The network is a critical feature in current computer technology.

Most of the organizations and groups related to technologies are interconnected worldwide for their specific purposes. This specialization has great importance and a role in the fields of computer sciences.


These are the major skills;

  • Diagnose and troubleshoot network issues
  •  Design network architecture.

Common Roles: 

  • Network Administrator
  •  Network Analyst
  •  Network Architect 

 Average Annual Salaries for Network Management Skills:  Ranges from $59,865  (Network Analyst)  to $121,412  (Network Architect)

Computer Graphics.

Computer graphics is used where the images need to be created in the form of pixels and used in diverse aspects of computer technology. Computer Graphics can be used in digital, film, entertainment, digital photography, electronic gadgets, and all other core technologies required.

It is a vast and multi-dimensional subject and area in computer science. This field and specialization also have the features of two- and three-dimensional images used in various software applications, including games, manufacturing, and computer-assisted design.


Skills that are required to specialize in computer graphics are;

  •  Attention to visual and artistic detail
  •  Collaboration, creativity.

Common Roles and Positions: 

  • Mobile Application Developer
  • iOS Developer
  •  Android Developer.

Average Annual Salaries for Computer Graphics Skills:  $116,192

Information Security

In this digital era, the security of information is the thing that is considered the most crucial asset for every corporation or organization. Information security experts manage all aspects of an organization’s data to secure them from cyber attacks and criminals.

Some cyber criminals steal the critical information and data of businesses and organizations and sell it third other persons; the information experts make it possible to keep the crucial information and data away from cyber and online attackers.


Skills that are required in Information security are;

  • Communication
  •  threat/vulnerability management
  • Knowledge of security compliance rules and regulations.

Common Roles:

  • Security Engineer
  •  Network Security Analyst
  •  System Security Analyst 

Average Annual Salary for Information Security Skills:  $124,506

Data Science.

Data science specialization deals with many data using modern methods, tools, and techniques to derive meaningful information, find unseen patterns, and make business and organizational decisions.

This field of knowledge processes complex, diverse and complicated sets of data and information. Data science is known as an essential domain of study in Computer science.


  •  Mathematics and analytics
  • Attention to detail
  • Predictive modeling are required in Data Science.

Common Roles

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Machine  Learning Engineer
  • Information Scientist
  • Database Administrator 

Average Annual Salaries for Data Science Skills:  Ranges from $123,419 (Data Scientist) to $145,549  (Machine Learning Engineer)

Software Engineering.

This specialization considers the core of computer sciences. Software engineers have made tremendous contributions to the modern digital world. They develop applications, computer software, operating systems, and maintain their work and solve their internal and programming issues.


The important skills that most software engineers and experts have are;

  • Coding and scripting
  • Communication,
  • Collaboration. 

Common Roles

  • Software Development Engineer
  • Software  Engineer  

Average Annual Salary for Software Engineering Skills:  $119,923


We discussed in this article the different available fields in computer science, the required skills that are required and essential to be successful in this field and career for anyone, and the average salary that you can get in these fields and professions.

So, It is concluded that computer science is a vast field of knowledge having diverse fields and career opportunities.

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