H1B To Canada PR: Immigrations| USA to Canada| Top Details

H1B To Canada PR: Immigrations| USA to Canada| Top Details

H1-B visas are facing an uncertain future, but that doesn’t mean they’re not for you. As the H1B  to Canada PR visa program faces an uncertain future, prospects look grim for many foreigners who have pinned their hopes on this program. 

Many foreign nationals in the USA are looking to move to Canada as a means of improving their financial situation. Canada offers a progressive immigration system that welcomes newcomers through a range of temporary work permits and permanent residence programs. 

This is a great guide for h1b to Canada pr who are considering coming to Canada. It covers everything you need to know about moving here, from finding work to getting a work permit.


Background of H1-B

Attracting Young Professionals

The H1-B has been instrumental in the career development of young professionals, especially people from India. One of the reasons Silicon Valley and medical technology firms are able to grow so rapidly is that they have hired an abundance of foreign workers.

H1-B Holders & Green Card

Many immigrants who hold an H1-B visa eventually get their green card and are able to move to the United States. They usually do so with the help of their original employer who petitions for their H1-B visa.


The US government has threatened the livelihood of certain work permit types, such as NAFTA, and has made restricted modifications to others, such as the J1. In addition to meddling with H1-B visas, it has threatened the livelihood of others.

What Canada Wants From You

Professional Qualification

Canada has a very strong immigration system for highly skilled professionals, which makes it easy for you to move here. If you speak French, have a sibling in Canada, or can get a job in Canada before you arrive in the US, your prospects are even better.

Talents are Welcome

H1B To Canada PR

In Canada, businesses are competing to hire talented workers and need to improve their technology skills, and there is a shortage of talent in many technical fields.

There’s more talent in the world than Canada needs, and the rest of the world wants it. The attitude to immigrants from the government, employers, and communities is generally welcoming.

GTS: Eligible US Citizens

The Express Entry system is a streamlined way to apply for permanent residence in Canada. The two-week processing standard is great for eligible US nationals. If you want to move to Canada earlier, the GTS is the way to go. There are other ways to get a work permit than the one you have been using.

Moving From the USA To Canada: Permanent Residence

In 2019, Canada aims to accept 330,000 new permanent residents, followed by another 340,000 the following year. The main driver of economic immigration to Canada is Express Entry, which will choose a majority for their economic potential.

What Does Express Entry Mean?

Prioritizing The Skilleds

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a merit-based points system used by Express Entry to prioritize the arrival of skilled workers. The top-ranked applicants are invited to apply for permanent residency in drawings from the Express Entry pool, and eligible applicants are placed in a pool. 

After that, the government aims to complete the process within six months by inviting candidates who have 60 days to submit a full application.

Opportunity For Young Educateds

With Express Entry, which is heavily weighted to favor young, educated, and ambitious workers with proven potential to succeed in their field, h-1b Canada pr workers in the United States have an incredible opportunity to immigrate to Canada.

Americans Increasement

Between 2016 and 2017, the number of Americans receiving an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence rose by fivefold, indicating a five-fold increase in invitations given to US residents. 

Immigrants: Through USA

Surprisingly, the vast majority of invited candidates are not American citizens as they move from the United States to Canada. These are immigrants who came to the United States but have chosen to live in Canada.

Moving from the USA to Canada through a Provincial Nominee Program

Canada has a centralized immigration system, so the provinces have no say in who comes to Canada. The government is calling for more foreign workers to work in the tech and medical industries. H1-B visa holders are in an especially advantageous position.

Even if you don’t have a job offer, there are some PNP categories that don’t even require you to have a job offer.

Business immigration to Canada

Land Of Opportunity

Canada is a wonderful nation to realize your dreams if you have the correct business attitude. In fact, if you relocate from the United States to Canada, you may discover that North America’s true land of opportunity lies north of the border.

Start-Up Visa Programme

Eligible foreign entrepreneurs may use the Start-up Visa Programme to develop their business ideas in Canada with the support of specialized business assistance networks. In addition, a portion of the aforementioned PNPs’ immigration programs are tailored to attract entrepreneurs to their province.

Family Class

H1B To Canada PR

You may bypass the criteria set forth in the economic immigration programs and get a ride to Canada based on your relationship if you are lucky enough to be married or have a common-law partnership with a Canadian. If your goal is to get to Canada sooner, though, pursuing Express Entry instead might be beneficial, assuming you are eligible.

H1-B To Canada Pr

Getting a temporary work permit before potentially moving to permanent residency may be the fastest way to get to Canada if you want to arrive sooner. For workers in the United States who want to migrate to Canada, here are some popular options.

Intra-Company Transfer

The Intra-company Transfer program is designed to provide a way for foreign executives and senior managers to transfer to a Canadian company. The Intra-company Transfer program is a stepping stone on the way to permanent residence.

Global Talent Stream

IT/tech occupations

The Global Talent Stream is a program that allows employers to bring in foreign workers quickly, with the government committing to a 10-day processing turnaround on applications. It is particularly useful for workers in IT/tech occupations, which feature heavily on the Global Talent Stream Occupations List.

Workers in these occupations are not required to be referred to the Global Talent Stream by one of the designated partners.

Labor Market Impact Assessment 

If your employer-to-be can’t assist you with your arrival in Canada, you can apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This will allow you to get a job in Canada. The best way to get a LMIA is to follow the process.

Open Work Permits

H1B To Canada PR

Freedom To Labour

In a few situations, Canada issues open work permits. Open work permits, on the other hand, enable workers to labor anywhere in Canada and for any employer, as opposed to the restricted (employer-specific) work permits described above.

International Experience Canada (IEC) program

If a worker so chooses, he or she may change jobs. You may be eligible to live and work in Canada under the International Experience Canada (IEC) program if you are a citizen of any participating country with which Canada has a reciprocal youth mobility agreement.

You might be able to come through a Recognized Organization even if you are not from a participating nation, but are within the age range (18 to 30 or 35, depending).

You may be able to join your spouse or common-law partner in Canada on an open work permit if he or she moves to Canada as a worker or student.

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