Samples & Tips to Make a Successful LOE for Canada Study Permit

Samples & Tips to Make a Successful LOE for Canada Study Permit

You know what one of the reasons for refusals of Canada study permit is your LOE or what you call the letter of explanation. Some people also call it SOP or the statement of purpose or you can just easily say the study letter.  

I will be giving you what is the information that you need to put in your letter to be a successful document. And also share with you samples of LOE from different experiences or different backgrounds. 

You can find a sample of LOE or SOP for business, finance, and engineering

What is an LOE or letter of explanation?

As I mentioned earlier they also call it SOP or the statement of purpose or you can easily call it a study letter. 

A letter of explanation is a letter that helps a visa officer to understand your goals. It also explains why you want to study in Canada and that you understand your responsibilities as a student.

I will give you the information that is based on my experiences and also from my friends or the people that I know who are already in Canada. It may vary from person to person or applicant to applicant. 

Let us now go to the first information that you need to indicate to have a successful LOE is the introduction.

Part 1: Introduction

Of course, you need to introduce yourself you need to provide:

  • Your name
  • Highest educational attainment
  • Name of University or College
  • What was your course or major?
  • Your work experiences

By the way, with the work experiences you indicate what type of jobs you had. How many years have you worked and also the achievements that you gained while you were working?

Remember in this part you need to tell who you are to the visa officer.

The second one is why did you choose to study in Canada.

Part 2: Why did you choose to study in Canada?

There are a lot of countries now that you can go to study for example the USA, New Zealand, and Australia, the UK, France and a lot more. In this part, you need to provide the reason why do you really want to study in Canada.

I will give you examples.

  • First Example: I want to study in Canada because I can benefit from the excellent education system that encourages cross-disciplinary studies and the development of transferable skills.
  • Second example: I enjoy an excellent quality of life especially with the cost of living, which is lower than in other countries.
  • Third example: I want to have an enriching cultural experience since Canada is a highly diverse population resulting in your rich and vibrant cultural scene.

Those are examples of the reason why I really wanted to study in Canada. 

By the way, I suggest not mentioning the residency pathway in Canada. The reason behind that is the application that you will be submitting to the embassy is for you to come to Canada and study. So do not indicate that you will work after your graduation. 

Let us now go to the third information that you need to indicate to have a successful LOE.

Part 3: Why did you choose your school, college, or university?

You need to answer why you chose your school, college, or university. Of course, you need to provide the reason why you have chosen your institution so in this part you need to do your own research.

  • What are the good qualities?
  • What are the positive reviews about your school college or university
  • You can also indicate the location of your college or university. 
  • What are the beautiful places and cultures of the province or the city itself? 

In addition, if there are different campuses of your chosen institution you can also indicate what specific campus you will be. So that the visa officer will know that, you are really prepared and you really know what is the environment that you are going to.

Part 4: Why would you choose your program?

Now that you have indicated why you chose this institution, you also need to answer the next question: why would you choose your program.

Remember that you need to provide the reason why you have chosen your program or programs. If you are planning to study in Canada and you need to choose two programs. Don’t forget to indicate and give a reason for each program. You can also incorporate the relationship of your past experiences.

For example, write about  your previous university or college, your past work experiences, your related jobs, or volunteering. So the visa officer will understand why you chose that specific.

In this part, you can also write how this program will really help you in the future. But if you have chosen a program that is different from your past experiences or different from your studies you need to defend the reason. Why you are changing your career path.

Part 5: Who will support your studies in Canada?

In this section write about who is supporting you or who is sponsoring you to study in Canada.

For example, if your parents will be supporting you throughout your studies in Canada. In this part, you need to provide some details about your parents with supporting documents such as their employment certificate or the business’s assets, or even the properties. 

Your relative can also support you in your education. It will be the same with them. Provide those documents and details but you also need to include the proof of relationship. 

And the same thing if someone will support you but not a relative or not your parents. For example, your friend or friends of your family and friends of your parents. It will be the same thing with them that you need to provide those documents and also attach the proof of a genuine relationship with them. 

Lastly, if you have a scholarship or a sponsorship from an organization or institution. You need to provide the reason or how did you get the sponsorship. 

Part 6: Mention your home ties

Let us talk about the most important and most crucial information that you need to indicate to have a successful letter of explanation. Your home ties

Here you need to provide documents and reasons that you will return to your home countryYou need to assure the visa officer that after you graduated and after your studies, you will return to your home country. 

An example of these documents is if you have your own business properties or even any assets that you have. And it is so much better if these documents are with your name. You can also add certificate of employments to shows that you really work in your country. 

What if you don’t have any business properties or any assets? That will be fine. 

You can also indicate the family or family members that you will leave in your home country. For example, your mother, father, or your siblings. And also if you are married your wife, your husband, or even your child. 

You can indicate that you will go back to your home country because of your family and your family members. 

Part 7: Duties as international students

You also need to indicate in your letter of explanation that you understood all of your responsibilities and all of your duties as international students. Especially if you are working off-campus with a maximum of 20 hours per week during your academic semester. And there are also some of the duties that you to indicate in your letter.

All right so those are the information that you need to indicate to have a successful letter of explanation

Letter of Explanation Samples

Before I share the sample that I had mentioned I just wanted to remind you that 

  • Show the visa officer that you are going to your home country after graduation. 
  • Be genuine and honest in all your documents.
  • Be positive in all the information that you will provide them. 
  • Read your letter of explanation again and again and again. 
  • Don’t copy your LOE from others 
  • and your main goal is to study in Canada.

Letter of Explanation to study Engineering

Here is a sample of the letter of Explanation for engineering from real students. You can read and review the sample and write your own for a Canada study permit.

letter of explanation engineering

Letter of Explanation to study Business Course

You can check out this letter of explanation to study business courses in Canada. It will also provide you tips on how to explain your change in the field of studies.

Letter of Explanation to study Accounts and Finance

Do you want to study finance and accounts as an International student? You can get inspiration from this sample letter of explanation for your Canada study permit.

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