Skillshare Download For Free| Courses| Andriod| IOS| Guide 2023

Skillshare Download For Free| Courses| Andriod| IOS| Guide 2023

Wondering about Skillshare Download? No worries! You have come to the right place. is a well-known platform that brings you thorough guidance on a variety of professional and other skills or courses. You can take the monthly subscription and avail of 26,000 options and choose among photography, business z writing, and many other courses. 

Every category has a few options as well. You can go with what suits you best. In the case of a business course, there will be many options like marketing, business analytics, and many others. 


What does Skillshare offer?

2k Free Courses

Skillshare Download

Skillshare brings you a no. of courses, and you can start for free. Of a total of about 27,000 courses, 2,000 of them are free. 

Premium-Unlimited Access

To avail of all the 27,000 options, you have to buy a premium subscription. Each class here is no less than 30 minutes, which is ideal. 

How much does Skillshare cost?

Skillshare Download

The cost varies with your choice of subscription, whether you have taken a monthly membership or an annual one

Monthly Subscription

In the case of a monthly subscription, you need to spend $28

Annual Subscription

But, if you want the long-term benefit at once and want to avail annual membership, then you have to lose $144 from your pocket. That’s just $11.99 a month, which is half a legit monthly offer. 

Priority: Annual

The annual option is best if you want to save loads of money. It depends upon if you pay monthly or annually.

What is Skillshare Premium?

The premium is the paid version of Skillshare which will cost you about $144 annually if you pay all at once. To get the best out of this platform, the premium will be the right option to go with. 

Is there a free trial?

Definitely, there’s a week of free trial for Skillshare premium. Take the seven days free trial to enjoy any course you like; after that, you will be charged for the subscription. 

Do they have a discount?

They offer a free trial for a week, and after that, they occasionally give you coupons. But in the case of legit discounts, they lack them. There’s no actual discount for now

Can you get a refund for Skillshare Premium?

Refund For Annual

The refund option is available but restricted; you can avail of this offer only if you have an annual subscription. Also, it would be best if you demanded a refund within a week.

Short Duration

In the case of yearly membership of the premium version, the decision-making should be within four days to get your money back. You only get your $144 refunded once. After that, you can’t opt ít, and also will be incompatible with another annual membership. 

127,000 Well Organised CoursesSkillshare offers you about 27,000 courses, each of which varies in video quality, which is very inconvenient for users
2Great Diversity Among CoursesMost of the courses are short, which may work for a few people, but those who are really into learning will disagree
3Skillshare reviews can lend you a helping hand in the course sectionThey offer you no certificate on completion of your course. Certifications are undoubtedly great to showcase your hard-learned skills
47 Days Free Trial to decide if it is suiting you or notBy using a workshop feature, you can combine all the crashing course classes, and it will turn out to be a conventional class. It is not a toxic trait of it if somehow the class duration gets increased.
52,000 free-of-cost lectures without a paid subscription
6This platform offers you to test your skill via projects
7Offers limited live sessions where you can clear your doubts and more.

Is Skillshare Worth it

There are a few reasons why this platform is beneficial for users. The three primary reasons are illustrated below, 

Free Trial

Its trial is free to examine its attributes without spending a penny. 

Quality Tutorials

The learning environment is exceptional. Many of its courses are worth hundreds of dollars on other platforms. 

Easy To Use

Skillshare platform presents you with all the necessary information, including an introductory video, previous reviews, and enrollment in various courses, to make your selection of courses easy.  

Skillshare download: FAQ

Is Skillshare good?

Skillshare is beneficial for many people, and you get a chance to select the best-suited course among all and be supervised by skilled people. The course videos have the best quality and can also adjust the speed. 

Is Skillshare com legit?

This platform is not a fraud, yet many will agree that Skillshare is not legit. While most of the educational staff are satisfied with the platform, many people are unhappy with it. A decent percentage of reviews state that this platform is nothing but a fraud

Is Skillshare an app?

Skillshare Download

It is present as an app. It is available for iPhone and Androids versions as well.

How to use Skillshare(Download)

You can download the offered courses for free by the below-mentioned steps, 

Step1: Access the mentioned site

Step 2: Connect

Drag the arrow next to the option of “Connect” and choose “connect to hosted runtime.”

Step 3: Convert

Select the “Runtime” and convert the runtime to “GPU”

Step 4: Run & Get Link

Next to ” Run this cell to mount Gdrive,” choose pause and then from the URL, you can get a link to your Google account, copy it, and then link it with the URL and press enter. 

Step 5: Install

Start installing skillshare dl; after installing it fully, the option of “Successfully Configured” will pop up.

Step 6: Put The Link

Put the link of your course below the previous section and press pause. 

Step 7: Access Granted

After completion of the download, move the course to your Gdrive, and now you have easy access to your course.  

Is there a free version of Skillshare?

Skillshare is free of cost 

Users can sign up for free for a month and access all the courses, and before the end of the month, they can cancel their paid subscription. 

Which is better: Skillshare or Udemy?

Both mentioned platforms boost and polish your skills. But, thorough research concluded that Skillshare is far better in case of practical knowledge and also links students with consistent feedback from the team.

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