Why are Udemy courses so expensive? How to get Udemy Discount

Why are Udemy courses so expensive? How to get Udemy Discount

Today, let me tell you Why are Udemy courses so expensive? and how you can get discounted prices on Udemy.

Why are Udemy courses so expensive?

Udemy courses are expensive because Udemy offers quality courses. 

Fresh educators are regularly adding programs to Udemy’s 183,000+ portfolio. Its single courses can cost as little as $11.99 and as much as $199.99 each.

Most of the time, its courses are offered at steep discounts, with the final price coming to 10% of what it would have originally cost. It provides more than just different classes; it also has Udemy for Corporate, which offers team and enterprise plans.

The Team plan costs $360 per user, per year, while the Enterprise plan is customizable based on the number of users but necessitates a minimum of 21 users.


How Udemy course pricing works

To know the reason behind the expensive Udemy courses, you have to understand how Udemy course pricing works.

Worldwide Price Index

The first important thing to realize about Udemy pricing is that teachers decide what to charge for the programs they teach. Udemy provides educators with a Worldwide Price Index that serves as a benchmark for the lowest and highest costs for a course.

The cost of a course will be determined by the teacher based on the course’s length and their level of expertise in various disciplines. 

A trainer who is less knowledgeable about the subject but capable of doing a good job will probably charge the minimum. However, if you have a subject matter expert who dives deep into a special course that interests them while teaching, they will charge the highest price.

Both lecturers and learners should be aware that Udemy has rules for business that they must follow. Therefore, the lowest and highest prices are chosen with consideration of the market. Remember that those requirements could vary.

Competitive price strategy

You might monitor changes in their pricing system due to shifts in supply and demand and the state of the market.

For prospective students, their programs and accommodating schedules speak for themselves. Educating at your own pace and modifying your curriculum to accommodate your unique needs are advantageous. Those are the qualities that immediately appeal to people.

However, after they have attracted potential students with a distinctive approach to education, they must maintain a competitive price strategy. The primary cause of the frequent price changes is due to this. It is a marketplace that functions for the teacher, the pupil, and the business while adjusting on a payment plan as necessary.

Udemy paid courses

The particular paid courses on Udemy range in price from $12.99 to $199.99. It frequently conducts specials offering considerable savings on its courses. You can sign up to get emails from it regarding promotions if you want to be the first to learn about its course discounts. The price of the course cannot be less than $12.99, which is the only requirement for inexpensive programs.


Who decides prices

The pricing of the course must be decided by the teacher because they are the curator of Udemy’s courses. Coupons on courses are always available, thanks to both the trainer and Udemy.

Teachers have the option to take part in the Udemy Deals Program. This means that Udemy will optimize the course discounts in various currencies using data. The inclusion of all courses in Udemy promos is not always assured because a variety of factors, including course content, membership, quality, and ratings, are taken into account.

Why does Udemy change its prices

Udemy has a long history of offering substantial discounts on its programs during promos. They frequently offer their client database courses at discounts of 80% or even 90%.

By doing this, they’ve essentially taught their clients never to pay the full cost of a course. Most shoppers just wait to get an email with a discount before completing a purchase rather than paying the full cost.

Udemy Discounts

Udemy has made headlines for its sales and promotions.

Do you have questions about how frequently Udemy holds sales when the next one will be, and how to always get the best deal on Udemy courses?

If that’s the case, this Udemy sales guidance can be useful. I’m eager to share what I’ve learned with you after spending a lot of time investigating the regularity and nature of sales that Udemy offers.

How often do they have discounts?

Every day of the year, Udemy normally has some sort of discount. Since each course must be bought separately, check to see if there is a bargain going on for the one you are interested in.

  • Udemy’s sales schedule is largely constant because its courses are created to be separately priced and bought.

Even though this can mean that a certain course isn’t on sale or that the deal isn’t one you’re engaged in, the course you want will likely be on sale at a later date.

Like any organization, Udemy takes advantage of specific holidays and events, which is why sales are more common at this time of year.

There may be occasion-specific sales on Udemy, such as Back to School. However, it’s generally a good idea to verify the cost of the specific course you’re interested in during and immediately after key dates and holidays.

  • Waiting for an Udemy sale is not necessary. However, given how frequently they occur, there is a good probability that the program you are interested in will be discounted at some point.

You guarantee you’re receiving the best value for your money. Make sure to either reload the page or return at a later time.

Are Udemy discounts worth it?

Udemy sales are really of great value. It’s one of the most praised and talked-about features of the website. There are discounts on programs of every kind, in every category—development, economics, art, computer programming, from the very cheapest available to the most expensive!

The kinds of savings you get can be very substantial. Even $10-20 can be spent on a $100–200 course. The amount you spend is significantly impacted by this.

To get a decent indication of what you’re spending, check the course website because the sales aren’t the same for every course.

How to get the best price?

  • An excellent approach to receiving lower pricing on any Udemy course is to be a first-time user. If this is your first time using Udemy, you’ll probably be first in line for a lot of bargains and discounts. This will provide you with a wide range of possibilities for selecting the best course.

There are still ways to find the greatest costs even if you have already registered or bought an Udemy course.

  • Utilizing Incognito or anonymous surfing is one method.

You should see significantly lower prices on the same Udemy page if you carry out this action, or something similar, on the web browser you use. Additionally, you might want to think about looking for courses using a VPN.

  • Deleting your cache or cookies is an additional, comparable method of locating the greatest deals. The sale should have drastically dropped if you performed this and reloaded the main course homepage.


Some Udemy courses are expensive, but you can get discounted versions of them in sales. A simple approach to be sure you’re receiving the greatest deal possible is to check the course page around significant festivals or holidays. To view the greatest sales, you can also delete your cookies, browse anonymously, or simply refresh the page.

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