Why did Udemy prices go up? How to get the offer price

Why did Udemy prices go up? How to get the offer price

You could have some concerns about how Udemy’s course prices function or Why did Udemy prices go up?

Because of a wide range of courses on Udemy and flexibility in scheduling, there may be several price structures that you should be aware of.


Why did Udemy prices go up?

One of the reasons behind their price hike is that Udemy is aware of when you initially visited their website, so they are aware of precisely when to press the buttons and increase the intensity. And if customers don’t take advantage of the year-round price, they artificially raise it.

If you’ve been looking through the courses on Udemy, you might have noticed something peculiar.

Udemy classes that last one day can be $10 per session, but if you return a week later, they have suddenly increased to $190 for the same session.

Why are Udemy courses so expensive now?

Udemy courses have become more expensive in recent years due to increased demand, higher production costs, and rising competition in the online learning market.

However, Udemy courses still offer great value for the money, and there are many ways to find affordable courses, such as waiting for sales, using coupon codes, signing up for a free trial, considering buying a bundle, and taking advantage of Udemy’s refund policy.

Why are Udemy prices always changing?

Udemy’s prices are always changing, and they do this on purpose according to the agency’s marketing strategy.

Likely, the identical $199 course was initially discounted down to somewhere between $5 and $15 when you first visited Udemy.

A timer and a unique selling proposition such as “End the year strong, deal expires August 20” may also have been visible.

To encourage new visitors to take advantage of this amazing bargain, Udemy provides a sense of urgency. Therefore, it makes perfect sense from a business perspective because this tactic has a good track record of success.

However, if you don’t take advantage of the deal for select customers, the rates go up to $199, which is more than 10 times the initial price.

The costs haven’t gone up, though… On your laptop or gadget, their cost has just increased. If you don’t believe me, you can view the immediate price change by opening your website in Incognito mode.

Why does Udemy show different prices? Udemy shows different prices for courses due to its dynamic pricing strategy, which adjusts prices based on various factors such as location, demand, personalized user preferences, applicable discounts, and instructor-set pricing. This approach aims to optimize revenue by aligning course prices with customer willingness to pay, ensuring Udemy maximizes its earnings.

Udemy Increases the prices artificially

Udemy understands just when to pull the trigger and increase the urgency because they are aware of when you viewed their site for the first time.

And if customers aren’t prepared to take advantage of the year-round price, they deliberately raise it, which is probably why you’re seeing this.

Why Udemy course price change after login? Udemy course prices change after login due to personalized pricing based on browsing and purchase history, location-specific currency and taxes, targeted discounts, dynamic pricing adjustments, and occasional instructor price overrides.

How do you get the original discounted prices?

Open your browser in private browsing mode as a surefire way to restore the original Udemy pricing. You are preventing Udemy from monitoring your data and displaying an exaggerated price by doing this.

You can just right-click on the browser icon and choose “New Incognito Window” for the majority of browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla.

You can also attempt to delete your data and history through the browser itself. When you’re finished, Udemy will perceive you as a brand-new user who is visiting the site for the first time.

Udemy prices on Mobile app vs. desktop:

The price gap between using Udemy.com on your PC and other mobile apps is a common query among Udemy consumers. Both the Android Platform (Android) and Apple (iOS) regulate the prices in their respective markets. If you buy via their app stores, their payment model is completely independent of Udemy, and Udemy does not influence their rates.

Although it doesn’t always match up completely, app developers will often choose the cost tier that is comparable to what the teachers would pick. Fortunately, you shouldn’t notice a significant difference. However, it could confuse you when you choose your courses.

Additionally, take into account that app transactions might not be eligible for discounts and promotions that are being offered through Udemy.com. Once you enable marketing alerts, Udemy may occasionally send you coupon codes.

However, those codes only apply to Udemy.com and not to mobile apps. Your listed price will only be valid when purchased straight through the website, even after discounts.

How to avail of Udemy discounts?

Activate your marketing email alerts as soon as you create your Udemy profile. It is worthwhile to continue receiving these messages because of their regular promotions, which include a wide range of courses. This way, you can check if any new reductions catch your attention. You can modify your settings page after your account has been created.

You should watch out for Udemy’s numerous deals if you decide to use it. The pricing and promotions they can provide are a big asset to their marketing strategy. Both the teachers and Udemy themselves provide these incentives.

The availability and desire for particular courses, as well as alterations in the marketplace, will all affect the discounts. Udemy usually runs specials depending on those modifications or seasonal variations. Like any organization, they will experience their busiest times when they want to introduce new education initiatives and recruit new learners. 

Exchange rates and pricing

Currency fluctuations can be challenging because Udemy is a global firm that is available in 50 different languages and used in over 180 different countries. Many students are frequent travelers who appreciate the schedule flexibility and accessibility from any location.

Depending on the student’s region, Udemy uses a country-specific fee structure to generate unique pricing. To find out how much it will cost in any given place, use their Price Tier Matrix. When you’re traveling, be sure to check back often because these are subject to change depending on economic conditions.

Taxes and Udemy courses:

Any participant purchasing a course from Udemy who resides in a country that levies a VAT (Value Added Tax) may be compelled to pay that tax. This might also apply to countries having a GST (Goods and Services Tax). After your transaction, the whole cost will be taken into account.

Udemy free courses:

On Udemy, many courses are available without charge. Many teachers may provide some courses for free because they want to promote themselves. This is more of a tool for people to view their work than a way for them to generate money.

The free programs will grant you unlimited access when you subscribe, just like a premium course does. You will continue to have access to such free lessons as long as your account remains active.

How to get the best of it

Udemy has over 245 million students enrolled in courses, and they’re constantly developing and expanding to serve their sizable enrollment. You can remain on top of their finest offers by watching specials and subscribing to their newsletters. Remember to check those They will still offer you rates even after 30 days of joining because you can find a better deal and qualify for their price match recovery.

Even though the cost isn’t always clear-cut, it is designed to be reasonable and adaptable while still serving your needs.

Other educational platforms

The most cost-effective option for learners seeking to enroll in different courses across a variety of subjects is a premium service like Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning, or Masterclass. This is preferable to a deal on a particular course because all four provide free trials.

If you only want to take one course on a certain topic, you should start with a website that focuses on your topic of interest. We have a comprehensive guide that goes into much more information about various possibilities, many of which are free.

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