Visual Studio Subscriptions: Pricing & Details

Visual Studio Subscriptions are the innovation of Microsoft for software developers and other businesses, which includes different software, resources, and services. 

This article will go through all the essential details about Visual Studio subscriptions, their pricing, benefits, monthly or yearly subscription costs, pros and cons, etc.

So let’s start.


What is Visual Studio Subscription?

The Visual Studio Subscriptions, previously known as Microsoft Developer Network Licenses (MSDN), were innovated by Microsoft to help software developers create software, applications, websites, and computer programs for Windows, MAC, IOS, and Android operating systems.

Visual Studio Subscriptions give access to the developers and software engineers to current and past Microsoft software and services. It enables and helps developers to create new software and programs for different operating systems.

Visual Studio and its importance

Flexible VS

Visual Studio is used to build, debug and edit the code to make and publish high-quality applications and software. It was essentially used for educational purposes, but nowadays, it has been used in every work environment.

Programming Languages

Visual Studio is capable of working with all computer programming languages, including C++, JavaScript, and Python. It offers updated and new to new features to its users.

Complex Workflows

Visual Studio has gained great popularity due to its availability on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Developers use it for complex workflows and developing extensions, web parts, app parts, and add-ins.

Importance of Visual Studio

  • Visual Studio is being used by students to professional developers, freelancers, and large businesses.
  • You can get Microsoft visual studio subscription services monthly and yearly.
  • It has come with a complete programming package to develop every type of software.
  • Visual Studio has a great feature of updating and developing. It includes new features and developments according to the needs of the time.
  • Visual Studio is active, fast, and easy to use from any virtual location.
  • With visual studio subscription login, you have your account on it with different benefits and provided services.

Visual Studio Subscription benefits

Visual Studio subscription benefits depend upon your chosen subscription plan because Microsoft visual studio has offered a wide selection of subscription plans according to your needs and requirements.

You can develop your application or program to its highest potential with all these benefits. These benefits are:

  • Visual Studio Subscription gives you virtual access to all Microsoft software.
  • With wide access to the Microsoft software library, you can develop new programs and applications.
  • You can get professional app developer tools and services by subscription to Visual Studio.
  • You can get professional training with LinkedIn.
  • A collaborative development environment that is coherent with professionalism

MSDN Subscription Price


Microsoft prescribes MSDN subscription prices for different plans. Standard Visual Studio Subscriptions allow subscribers to buy Visual Studio on a long-term agreement.

Cost Decreases

The costs of the contract after the first subscription decrease for re-subscriptions of the different plans. The user can purchase the different Visual studio subscription (MSDN) plans from resellers or directly from Microsoft.

Now we are discussing the prices of different visual studio subscription plans.

Visual Studio Enterprise Cost

Visual Studio Enterprise’s cost for the first purchase is $5 999. This amount is charged for the first subscription for the whole year. Visual Studio Enterprise Subscription for renewal basis is $2569 per renewal term.

Visual Studio Professional Cost

Visual Studio Professional Cost is $1119 for the first year. The Visual studio professional subscription also has a discount for renewal basis subscriptions. The user can subscribe to it for $799 per renewal term.

Visual Studio Test Professional Cost

Visual Studio Test Professional cost is $2169 for the first year and $899 for renewal terms. Different MSDN subscription levels have their own different and specific prices.

Visual Studio Free Subscription

Beginner Developers

Visual Studio’s free subscription is also available. Microsoft has provided the opportunity to provide free tools for beginners and initial-level developers. Visual Studio offers a free trial for different online platforms like Pluralsight and Opsgility. 

Free Azure

It also offers a free subscription to Azure for one year. It can be done by creating a visual Studio Dev essentials account, and then you will need to complete a verification process. You can create the Visual Studio account and download free the Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio Cloud Subscription

No Long Term Lock-In

Visual Studio Cloud Subscription allows users to get Visual Studio subscriptions and contracts without the hassle of long-term commitment or agreement.

VS Subscriptions

In usual or Standard Visual studio subscriptions, users have to contract or make subscriptions on a long-term basis—the charges of the subscription decrease after the first subscription term.

You can get VS subscriptions without these long-term contracts with a Visual Studio Cloud subscription.

VS Professional

Visual Studio Cloud Subscription has two versions; one is known as VS Professional Subscription, which includes VS Professional IDE and a basic plan for Azure DevOps. This subscription can be subscribed to for $45 per month.

VS Enterprise

The other version of VS cloud subscription is called VS Enterprise Subscription. It includes VS Enterprise IDE and a basic plan for Azure DevOps for $250 per month.

Expiry of Visual Studio Subscriptions

Expiry of Visual Studio Subscription starts when the contract duration reaches its final moment. Before the full termination of your visual studio account, it has to cover three stages known as expired, disabled, and deleted.

The Expired Stage

The Expired Stage lasts for thirty days after the completion of the contract. During this duration, you can access all of your data in Visual Studio. Your visual studio subscription login will be in your access and authority.

The disabled Stage

The disabled Stage has a limit of ninety days. After this duration, your data will only be accessible to admins. Your direct access to the data will not be possible.

The deleted Stage

The deleted Stage is the final Stage of expiry of the Visual Studio Subscription when all your data is deleted, and the active Azure directory will is removed and deleted.

You have to inform about your expiry stages for saving your VS data. You are informed by receiving an email when your expiry date comes.

MSDN Subscriptions Product keys

MSDN subscription Product keys can be accessible at the end of the Visual Studio subscription. You need to export claimed keys before the expiry of VS subscription. 

How to export MSDN subscription product keys? You need to follow this procedure.

  • You have to visit the Product Keys page.
  • Select the options of Export All Keys on the top right corner
  • A .xml file will be created that you can open or save
  • After that, you will need to open the .xml file with an application or software that can open .xml files
  • The .xml file will include any claimed or ‘static’ automatically claimed keys.

Cancellation of Visual Studio Subscriptions

Three Stages-Yearly

Cancellation of Visual Studio Subscriptions is also possible. After the cancellation of the yearly subscription of VS Studio, the three stages will need to be covered that are also associated with the expiry of subscriptions.

When you cancel the annual subscription, your VS subscription will be passed through expired, disabled, and deleted stages.

Monthly Unsubscription

In case of monthly unsubscription, it will exclude the expired Stage and will directly jump into the disabled Stage. It means after the cancellation of the monthly subscription. You will not be able to get direct access to your Visual Studio Data.


You can also renew your VS subscription through Microsoft Store if you are working with another company or a business that purchases VS subscriptions through a Visual Studio subscription license. You can also contact the reseller to renew it if you have bought it from another person.

Visual Subscription Pros and Cons

Now, we will discuss and go through the pros and cons of VS or MSDN subscriptions. It has great benefits for its clients and also contains some adversities that will be discussed here.

1Visual Studio provides a genuine and great platform for every type of software developer to develop apps, programs, and websites for Android, Windows, Mac, and IOSAfter subscription, you have to renew the subscription to keep your data safe.
2It provides a valuable and professional environment to its usersAfter the thirty days of subscription expiry, you will not be able to access your data in VS Studio.
3It provides access to a huge amount of Microsoft softwareAfter ninety days, all your data will be terminated and deleted if you have not renewed your subscription.
4It gives monthly and yearly subscription plans with the concession for renewal terms.

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