Is Google Coursera Worth It: Can You Get a Job Quickly?

Is Google Coursera Worth It: Can You Get a Job Quickly?

Coursera’s Google Career certifications are worthwhile for novices interested in technological careers but lack the time or finances to pursue a college degree. There is value in the Google Career certifications offered by Coursera. 

Google is still a major force in a technological world that is evolving quickly. Many employers value students who apply for a job with a Google career certification

This demonstrates that a potential employee has the abilities necessary to thrive in particular roles in the tech industry. It proves their Google skills as well. Any student who chooses to enroll will gain from this expertise, which is developing quickly.

Is Google Coursera Worth It

Google Coursera is definitely worth it for individuals looking to upskill and advance their careers. With a high percentage of positive career outcomes reported by graduates, the program offers practical and hands-on learning experiences that are directly relevant to industry needs. 

The flexibility and accessibility of online courses make them accessible to learners worldwide, and the range of subjects available ensures there is something for everyone. 

Moreover, the affordability of the program compared to traditional education options makes it an attractive choice. 

Overall, Google Coursera provides valuable learning opportunities that can have a significant impact on employability and career advancement.


The Google Career Certificates on Coursera are brief programmes that last no more than six months. 

Jobs with Google Certification

Like any credentials, they won’t guarantee you a job, but possessing a Google Certificate will enable you to demonstrate to HR that you’ve invested some time in honing your skills. This positive sign in a candidate will help them land the job.

Google certificates certify expertise and background. However, to acquire a high-paying job, you’ll also need experience and to satisfy the company’s hiring criteria in the eyes of HR. Some people may receive the job precisely because their Google Certificate stood out on their resume compared to other candidates.

  • Given that Google Ads Certifications are free and all required in exchange is time and effort, they are always worthwhile. They’ll assist you when the HR recruiter compares you to someone else in addition to providing you with knowledge.
  • Given that Google is a well-known brand having its certifications on your resume will be beneficial when applying for jobs. The same holds for Microsoft Ads and Facebook Ads. Free things are always worthwhile.

Coursera & Google:

With the help of a partnership with the online learning platform Coursera, Google is stepping up its efforts in the online learning sector and introducing Google Career Certificates.

These online certificate programs are created to assist you in upskilling and career advancement or finding new employment in industries that Google has identified as seeing strong growth. Google credentials offer an alternative to traditional business education alongside programmes like The Quantic MBA and The Power MBA.

A Google certification can assist you in developing the abilities necessary to land a job or shift careers. You only need to invest time and effort, as many Google certification courses are free. The benefit you derive from a Google certification course depends on how much time and effort you devote to it.

Your career and earning possibilities may enhance if you have a Google certificate. In the case of the Coursera-offered Google IT Professional Certificate, since the certificate’s inception in 2018, 82% of the course’s alumni have reported a favorable career outcome, such as a new job, promotion, or raise within just six months. According to Google, the typical pay for entry-level positions is across all Google credential fields.

I can say that anyone looking to investigate information technology occupations through self-paced online learning should consider the Coursera Google Career Certificates. In addition to the pre-recorded films from industry professionals, practical projects will speed up your independent learning. Google’s education division created these Google professional credentials on Coursera to increase technology accessibility for everyone at a reasonable cost.

Depending on your current educational level, there are alternatives for beginners, intermediate, and experts in each certificate program’s three to ten online courses. You can access projects and career prospects in rapidly expanding industries with the appropriate professional certification.

Subject matter experts and other students grade assignments and projects for the Google career certificates on Coursera. This grading system might help you comprehend the material you are studying and make the required changes to your work.

Yes, I agree that Coursera’s Google career certificates provide quick and reasonably priced access to technological education. To participate in these programs, you do not need a four-year degree or attend in-person classes. You only need a gadget with internet connectivity since they are entirely online.

These professional certificate programs’ hands-on learning experiences make them excellent credentials for entry-level job seekers looking to impress an employer.

Google Certification

A Google certification is reasonably priced, enhances your resume, and may help you land an entry-level IT job. 

Google Certificates will demonstrate to the prospective employer that you possess the core knowledge necessary for that entry-level position and may assist with higher-paying positions. 

Google Career certifications are a great initial step and an excellent place for a beginner to start. Additionally, for some positions, Google Certifications might be necessary.

Google Cloud Certification

Google offers a range of cloud certifications, from fundamental to expert. These credentials confirm your professional experience and understanding when using the Google Cloud Platform. On Coursera, Google Cloud Architect is one of the most well-liked courses.

  • For data engineers who want to learn how to use their expertise on the Google Cloud Platform, Google Cloud certification on Coursera is the ideal option. If you’re seeking a job at a GCP (Google Cloud Platform) company or you’ll receive a bonus or raise for passing the exam, it’s worthwhile.
  • The Google Cloud Data Engineering course primarily focuses on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It is best suited if you are an experienced data engineer who wants to learn how to use GCP to further your career. Other than what is on GCP, it doesn’t provide the background you need to comprehend what a data engineer will need to do. You won’t learn how to get started, what systems to implement, the exemplary architecture, or what additional tools your team will want.

This indicates that those abilities are wholly unique to the Google environment. You’ll learn how to use GCP and further information on BQ, Dataflow, and other topics. It’s a “good to have” certificate, and whether it can be helpful to you will depend on your individual needs.

Google Education Certification

You may learn how to utilize Google programs like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Chrome, and YouTube by earning a Google Education Certification. They are helpful and educational and will teach you much about Google Services.

The Google Educator Certificate attests to your proficiency in using Google tools in the classroom.

  1. It should be pretty simple for you to complete Educator Level 1 if you already use these Google services, and you shouldn’t have much studying to do. Even while taking the test, you can open a second window to Google the answers. It costs $10, takes 180 minutes to complete, and has a three-year validity period.
  2. Google Drive, Google Docs collaboration, Google Scholar research, sophisticated data analysis using Google Sheets, and many other tools are covered in Educator Level 2. Like the Level 1 certificate, it costs $25, takes 180 minutes to complete, and has a three-year validity period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google has partnered with Coursera to offer a wide range of online courses and specializations covering various topics related to technology, data science, and digital skills. These courses are designed to help individuals acquire valuable skills and knowledge in areas such as programming, machine learning, cloud computing, and digital marketing.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to Google Coursera:

What is Google Coursera?

Google Coursera is a collaboration between Google and Coursera, a leading online learning platform. It offers a selection of courses and specializations developed by Google experts to help learners gain in-demand skills in the tech industry.

What topics are covered in Google Coursera courses?

Google Coursera courses cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Cloud Computing and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Android App Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • IT Support
  • Project Management

Are Google Coursera courses free?

Some Google Coursera courses offer free access to course materials, while others require a fee for full access and certification. Google does provide financial assistance options for those who may need it.

How do I enroll in a Google Coursera course?

To enroll in a Google Coursera course, you can visit the Coursera website, search for the course you’re interested in, and enroll from there. You’ll need to create a Coursera account if you don’t already have one.

Do Google Coursera courses provide certifications?

Yes, many Google Coursera courses offer certificates upon successful completion. These certificates can be valuable for career advancement and demonstrating your expertise to potential employers.

How much do Google professional certificate programs cost? 

Each program offers a seven-day free trial, and after that, it costs $39 per month. The total cost for the full program, which typically takes 6-8 months to complete, would be approximately $234-$312.

What are the benefits of earning a Google professional certificate? 

The benefits of earning a Google professional certificate include learning job-ready skills taught by Google experts , flexible learning that fits your schedule, and direct connections to employers. The certificates can also provide a competitive edge in the job market and may lead to positive career outcomes, such as new job opportunities, promotions, or salary raises.

Can you apply for jobs with Google after completing a Google professional certificate? 

Yes, upon completion of a Google professional certificate, you can directly apply for jobs with Google and over 150 U.S. employers, including companies like Deloitte, Target, Verizon, and more.

Are there any prerequisites for Google Coursera courses?

Prerequisites can vary depending on the course. Some courses are designed for beginners, while others may require prior knowledge in a specific area. Be sure to check the course description for details on prerequisites.

Can I learn at my own pace in Google Coursera courses?

Yes, Google Coursera courses are often self-paced, allowing you to study at a pace that suits your schedule. However, some courses may have deadlines for assignments and quizzes.

Is there any support available for learners in Google Coursera courses?

Coursera typically provides forums and community support where learners can ask questions and interact with instructors and fellow students. Additionally, some courses offer mentorship or guided projects.

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