Is Skillshare Profitable: How Skillshare Makes Money

Is Skillshare Profitable: How Skillshare Makes Money

In this article, you will find the answer to the question ‘Is skillshare profitable and a brief overview of the working business model of Skillshare. Although Skillshare is not one of the listed organizations, they don’t have an obligation to share its profits publicly.

Skillshare is an educational website that focuses on teaching people how to develop their skills rather than focusing on learning about subjects. Skillshare courses are broken down into short video lessons focusing on one skill.



Is Skillshare Profitable

Some of these skills are related to job opportunities, while others are related to hobbies or interests. Skillshare offers numerous art, writing, and design classes, among other things.

Is Skillshare Profitable

Earns Via Subscriptions

Skillshare earns money via monthly and annual subscriptions and referral fees from other products. Its business model is based on a marketplace approach. Users can sign up for a free trial membership or pay $10 monthly for a premium membership. 

Discounts For Members

Members who complete courses earn points they can redeem for discounts on future purchases. Skillshare also offers discounts to students with a (.edu) email address.

Skillshare Operations

Course Range

Skillshare is an educational platform that permits anyone to enhance their expertise. It offers thousands of video classes on subjects ranging from developing your website to designing mobile applications. Students raise interactions with lecturers and fellow students through project-based learning. 

Beginner To Advance

Numerous subjects, such as music, photography, web design, and business, are available to each member. You can join the courses as per the level of expertise you have.

You can join Skillshare’s beginner’s program if you are a new learner. Otherwise, Skillshare also has advanced-level courses. 

Distinct From Others

Because of its emphasis on well-known educators, Skillshare is sometimes distinguishable from other innovative education platforms like Udemy. On the website, influential people from the industry and thinking leaders routinely take classes at Skillshare.


The certificate will be awarded to you after the course has been concluded. The certification can then be sent to potential companies or posted to your LinkedIn account.

Skillshare Business Model

Premium Is Paid

Skillshare works just like Netflix. You can watch as much as you want without any restrictions. However, you’ll have to pay extra for a premium account if you want to see more videos. 

Additional Benefits

When you sign up for a premium account, you’ll also receive additional benefits such as access to exclusive courses and discounts on future purchases.

How Skill Share Makes Money

Skillshare makes money through annual and monthly subscription fees and commissions from other products.

To address the knowledge demands of students, Skillshare and Instructors are working together by using a corporate marketplace structure.

Membership Fee or Subscription

Timely Subscription Fees

Students can select between monthly and yearly memberships, which are Skillshare’s primary income sources. The service subscription cost is $19 per month or $99 per year. There is a 14-day free trial period available for all subscription services.

Discounts & Thousands of Courses

Additionally, Skillshare provides services to the corporate sector. Discounts are always available to groups of persons signing up for Skillshare. Students can participate in class projects and have free access to thousands of courses on just about any topic they can think of.

Financial Aid

Following that, a pool of royalties for teachers will be created, and it is anticipated that this pool will get 30% of subscription income. Skillshare’s students receive financial aid based on how many hours they have invested in their courses.

Tutors Income

Is Skillshare Profitable

The average income of a new instructor at Skillshare is $200 per month, while experienced instructors can earn up to $3,000/- per month


Skillshare is also earning money through referrals of other products. Skillshare offers technical and creative courses, for which you may require a subscription to different online tools or software.

Subscription of these products allows Skillshare to earn commission through each referral.

Pros & Cons of Skillshare

Thousands of free classes are available at SkillshareIrritating ads in free courses
Easy to use and has a tremendous amount of online contentThe free version does not have complete courses
People with the same type of expertise work together at Skillshare to development of a new set of skillsPicture quality is not up to the mark
Free trial for 14 daysThe videos don’t have closed captions for simple understanding
Readily available mobile application
Offers teacher payment plans with a weekly update of new content
Simple to sign up for a free account and access content in your niche

Is Skillshare Legit

Trusted Source

Skillshare is a reliable source of educational material. Most of the courses are valid. However, they are not at the collegiate level.

Skill-Based Learning

Skillshare does not offer degree programs and has no affiliations with universities. As a result, no institution has accredited Skillshare programs. The main objective of Skillshare is skill-based learning, which they believe will be applied for enjoyment and personal growth.

No Diploma Or Degrees

Degrees are not as crucial as transferable skills. With the help of Skillshare, you will learn new things, but you won’t earn a diploma or other credentials. Skillshare has some illegitimate courses like Crystal Grid and Scared Geometry as well.

Final Thoughts

Follow Your Interest

Skillshare is a thriving online platform offering thousands of online creative courses. You can choose courses as per your interest or the nature of your job. It helps you to improve your skills which indirectly helps you to grow faster.


Skillshare started operations in 2011 by Michael Karjanaprakon and Malcolm Ong in New York, America.

Growing Capital

Is Skillshare Profitable

Skillshare is a profitable platform that has more than 500 employees, and the registered user of Skillshare is over 12 million. The financial position of Skillshare is not publically available on the website. However, the platform’s capital is growing more with time. 


Which e-learning platform is best for creative topics?

Skillshare is the best e-learning platform for creative topics.

Can I add courses taken from Skillshare to my Profile?

Yes, it will add value to your Profile.

How do Instructors earn on Skillshare?

Instructors are paid a royalty based on their share of the paid minutes viewed by learners.

Can I get a job with the help of Skillshare’s Courses?

The courses offered at Skillshare indirectly help you to improve your career, but in most cases, you must have a formal degree to get a job.

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