What is Skillshare: How Does It Work?

What is Skillshare: How Does It Work?

If you are wondering about ‘what is skillshare, you are at the right place. Skillshare is an ideal online platform that brings you tons of instructional videos. As this platform offers subscription-based services so the user is compelled to subscribe for further use. 


What is Skillshare Premium?

What Is Skillshare

The premium version of Skillshare is better and revised one of the site of skillshare.com. You have to pay monthly for the premium membership and in return, you will be offered supplemental and unique material which can be accessed otherwise.

Some worth considering features of Skillshare include:

  • Removal of any advertisement 
  • The selected course can be downloaded and can be seen offline
  • It offers you software discounts. 

Does Skillshare Give Certificates?

Not Educational Institute

Skillshare offers no certification after completion of the course, as their certificates are not legit. You can just mention the skills in your resume that you learned from this platform.

This platform is purely designed for polishing skills, but it is not a registered educational institute to issue degrees or certificates to its users. 

Accomplished Skills For Social Handles

Skillshare will enhance your practical experience through different projects. You can add your accomplishments on your social handles or profiles without any certification because it offers none.

Provide Practical Skills

It is far better than other platforms that offer certificates but no practical skills or understanding. Just a piece of certificate is useless without any skill. 

No Certification

Anyone can design a Skillshare class, there is no condition for an expert in that. So as you are not gaining from experts, the courses are unable to certify you in any way. 

Is Skillshare Worth it?

Preferred Platform

For some people, the charges of a subscription will be a lot to pay so they tend to avoid taking one. But in other terms, this platform is a lot more preferred among the rest of the online programs. 

Better For Learning Skills

What Is Skillshare

The result of worth also depends on your choice of usage. If you are really into learning skills then this platform can be a great help. Also, you can engage yourself in practical projects and spend your time on something fruitful like Skillshare. 

Costly For Specific Topics

On the other hand, if you are interested in a certain topic then this platform is a bit too much for that as it will charge the same subscription fee. So in that case, YouTube or other economical sites will be of great help. 

Cheap For Broad Learning

For a regular learning schedule, your money will not go waste on Skillshare, as it presents a no. of beneficial features and courses. It is an ideal site to enhance your skills. Moreover, the staff is good at their work. 

Is SkillShare Free?

Trial: Free

What Is Skillshare

Skillshare is free only at the level of trial which definitely won’t last long, after that, you have to pay for its subscription. 

Premium: Paid

Before signing up, you can avail the option of a free trial for its premium membership to access all the features and courses. After the trial will end, you will have to get a membership to have access to the course or class as it will be locked otherwise. 

Timely Subscriptions

You can choose between monthly or annual membership. A monthly subscription will cost you $19 but going with the annual option will save your fee dollars for sure. That is why Skillshare is believed to be more economical than other online platforms. 

Premium: Unlimited Access

Whatever number of classes you view, Skillshare will continue to charge you the same. You can schedule numerous classes in a month without worrying about the charges. 

Can I Put Skillshare on My Resume?


As Skillshare does not offer any certification so you can’t mention one in your resume. And also, this is not a legit educational platform, so you can’t express it as one, doing so will just lessen your chance of getting a decent job.

Moreover, there’s no certification, so there’s no point to put that in your resume. This will not strengthen your CV in any way. 

Is the Skillshare certificate worth it?

This platform is free from any formality of issuing a Skillshare certificate of completion of a course. Skillshare is just designed to polish your skills and understanding. 

Is skillshare accredited?

Although SkillShare offers a variety of courses, none of those are recognized by any legit institute. Moreover, the Skillshare certificate is not a real thing to date. 

Is Skillshare cheaper than Udemy?

Both mentioned institutes give guidance about expertise. Although Udemy’s for-business pricing is less expensive than Skillshare, the latter gives you access to more courses than the former offer.

Do you get a degree with Skillshare?

Skillshare is just an online learning opportunity for people out there. It is not a registered educational institute, so no certifications or degrees are issued.   

Which one is better: Udemy or Skillshare?

Skillshare and Udemy both are competitive platforms for online learners. But, after thorough research, it is concluded that skillshare is far more advanced than Udemy in terms of practical learning and also the team is cooperating and involved throughout. 

Can Skillshare be trusted?

Skillshare is beneficial for most of the users, they don’t consider it fraud. But on the other hand, there are many serious allegations and reviews that this platform is doing nothing but fooling people through the scam. 

Is Skillshare really free?

The answer is yes. you can avail it’s services free for a month, moreover, you can enjoy courses of your choice on HD quality videos and have an option to cancel the subscription before the end of month to skip payment.  


Not Recognized

Skillshare is neither a legit educational platform run by experts, nor does it offer any certification. Anyone can design a Skillshare class, so it is recognized by none of the institutes officially. 

Great Initiative

Although this platform is good for initial learning of skills, the concept of it is not very practical. Adding to the previous, it can be an initial push, but you must have to be in a well established field to get the best out of it.

Concluding that, Skillshare is a great platform for learning but you can’t use it for your academic favors. Other than that, it is rated best among masses.

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