New EOI System 2021 for International Students Stream Ontario PNP

New EOI System 2021 for International Students Stream Ontario PNP

We all know that Ontario is the first preferred place for immigrants and international students.

But why?

Because Ontario has more job opportunities. It is more diverse than the other province. It is more developed than the other province. 

Ontario is Canada’s tech hub. It is also more preferable for businesses. And it also has more disadvantages but that’s the story for another article.

But the content of this article is

  • What is OINP?
  • Categories of OINP
  • International student stream Eligibility, Document requirements, and the application process
  • New EOI scoring system for International Student Stream 

OINP means Ontario immigrant nominee program. This is a province nominee program for immigration purposes. And it works with the government of Canada through IRCC.

Other provincial nominee program includes New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)

Who can apply for this program?

Foreign workers, international students, and other people with the right skills, the right education, and the right experience can apply in this Ontario PNP system.

Categories of OINP

The ONIP has three categories

  • Employer job offer
  • Human capital category and
  • Business category

OINP categories

These categories are further divided into different groups.

Under the Employer Job offer category, we have a foreign worker stream, international student stream, and in-demand skills stream.

Under the human capital category, we have international student graduates and Ontario’s express entry.

Under the business category, we have only an entrepreneur stream.

Currently new EOI process is open for only Foreign worker stream and International student stream.

New Expression of Interest System Ontario

What does this actually mean?

Well, there’s an online portal and you need to go on there and register an EOI. This means to register your expression of interest that you’re interested in applying to the Canadian PR through OINP. That is Ontario PNP.

  • There’s no fee for the new EOI. So it’s free of cost.
  • You can create your profile free of cost.

Now please note you can register an EOI for one or more streams but you can only register one EOI per OINP stream.

So that is an important point to note.

Now once you’ve registered for the EOI you’d be awarded certain points based on the Ontario points table. We’ll discuss the points table in the last part.

Getting an invitation

Now someone might ask what’s the criteria for getting an invitation. So what’s mentioned on the OINP website?

From time to time the OINP will rank candidates in one or more of the OINP stream selection pools.

  • Selection can be on a general basis. This means they’ll rank all candidates who registered an expression of interest.
  • Selection can be on a targeted basis. This means they’ll rank only those candidates who have one or more targeted labor market or human capital attributes.

Based on OINP’s new point-based system, ITA will be sent to the highest-ranking candidates

There’s no hard and fast rule as such based on what they’ve mentioned on the website they would issue invitations. And if you’ve got the invitation through this process. Then what you’ll do next.

Invited to Apply

If you’re invited to apply, your application must be submitted within 14 calendar days from the date you receive the invitation.

  • At this point now you have to pay the fee.

Now I don’t want to comment on the processing times because processing times have been over the charts during covet times.

ontario’s e-filing portal through which you can register the eoi.

International Students Stream OINP​: Eligibility

International students in Canada need to fulfill three requirements to apply for the new EOI process of OINP.

  • Job offer requirements
  • Applicant requirements
  • Employer requirements

Job Requirements

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program 2021: International Student StreamJob Requirements
Full time & Permanent30 hours/week or 1560 hrs a year No Seasonal or contract jobs
Eligible OccupationSkill type 0, A or B (NOC)
Low Wage LevelEquavalent or higher than the low wage
Job LocationOntario
Job possitionUrgently neccessary for Employer's business

First and foremost you should have a full-time and permanent job offer letter from Ontario. Seasonal or contract jobs are not eligible for this program.

Now job occupation must be in skill type 0, A, or B category. Find your job NOC

And it must meet the median wage level or it must be higher than the median wage level for the occupation in the specific region of Ontario where you will be working. 

You can find out here what is the median wage for any job in Ontario

Also, the position is urgently necessary for the employer’s business but without this position employers’ business cannot grow.

Your work must be in Ontario.

Applicant Requirements

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program 2021: International Student StreamApplicant Requirements
EOI and ITAMust receive ITA
Apply within deadline
EducationDegree or diploma of 2 years
Diploma of one year (condition applied)From Eligible Institutes
Valid license or AuthorizationFrom an appropriate body in Ontario (If required)
Intention to Live in OntarioProve your ties to Ontario (Study, volunteering, etc)
Legal status in CanadaVisitor record, work permit, study permit, implied status
Application periodApply within 2 years of completing studies

The applicant requirement for International students is as follows:

You must receive your ITA and you need to apply within the deadline.

You must have received education from an eligible Canadian institution one of the following:

  • A degree or diploma that takes at least two years to complete.
  • If you study on a full-time basis or a degree, diploma, or certificate that takes at least one year to complete.

Condition: If you have completed a one-year post-graduation diploma course that requires you to have a completed degree as an admission requirement then you are eligible for this category.

If your job offer is an occupation that requires a license then you must hold the license or you must be authorized to hold the license from an authorized body in Ontario.

You can prove intention to live in Ontario with documents related to job offers, work experience, study record, and family ties in Ontario.

If you are applying from within Canada you must have a legal status like a visitor record work permit or study permit.

You must submit your application within two years of completing the requirements necessary to obtain your degree diploma or certificate. So once you receive your degree, diploma, or certificate you need to apply within two years.

Employer Requirement

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program 2021: International Student StreamEmployer Requirements
General requirements
Business statusActive for at least 3 years
Business locationOntario
LegalsNo outstanding orders
Revenue requirements (most recent fiscal year)
Business in the Greater Toronto AreaMin. $1,000,000
Business outside of Greater Toronto AreaMin. $500,000 for
Full-time employee requirements
In the Greater Toronto Area5 Canadian citizens or PR
Outside of Greater Toronto Area3 Canadian citizens or PR
Employer Form: Filled and signed by Employer

The employer requirements for international student stream OINP (New EOI) are as follows:

Your employer must be active in business for at least three years

The business must be in Ontario where you will be working. And the business should show that they have made some effort to recruit Canadian citizens or PR before they hire you.

If your work location is within GTA then the business must have annual revenue of one million dollars. And employed 5 Canadian citizens or Permanent residents.

If the business is outside of GTA then the annual revenue must be at least five hundred thousand dollars in total. And employed 3 Canadian citizens or PR.

Your employer has to fill out the application form for approval of an employment position (Employer form). and It must be signed and you need to upload it with your application after you meet this eligibility requirement.

Documents for New EOI: International Students Stream OINP

Employer Documents

International students must obtain the following documents from their employer for the new EOI process:

  • Employer Form
  • Signed Job offer letter
  • If applicable: Job advertisements, LMIA, Collective agreement

Applicant Documents

To apply for the new EOI system under OINP, international students need to provide the following documents:

  • Declaration: Attestation form
  • Identity documents: Photograph, Passport, Your family members’ passports
  • Status documents in Canada
  • Job Offer documents: Job offer letter, Current employment, Current employment, Collective agreement, Licence or authorization
  • Education documents: degree, diploma or certificate, transcript, or official letter from the eligible institute 
  • Resumé
  • Expression of interest selection factors: Work experience in Canada or Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment, etc
  • Other optional documents (if applicable)

EOI Process for International Student

EOI Process for International Student

The application process is simple.

You need to check your eligibility.

If you are eligible, you need to submit your expression of interest. This means to create a profile on an Online Portal

After profile creation and document submission, the score is assigned.

If your profile is selected from the poll then you will receive ITA. And once you receive your ITA submit your application within 14 days.

At this step, you need to pay $1500.

If your application is approved then you will get your OINP letter. And you need to submit the application for permanent residency to IRCC within the next six months.

Now let’s check out the scoring system for this new EOI system.

New EOI Score Table For International Students

Job offer: NOC skill level
Level A10
Level B8
Level C and D0
Job offer: NOC type
Type 0,1,2,3,910
Type 4,5,6,7,85
Job offer: Wage
$40 per hour or higher10
$20 to $39.99 per hour5
Less than $20 per hour0
Canadian work experience: length (Cumulative)
12 Months or more4
Less than 12 months0
Canadian work experience: length (Cumulative)
$40 per hour or higher10
$20 to $39.99 per hour5
Less than $20 per hour0
Canadian work experience: NOC skill level
Level A3
Level B, C and D0
Canadian work experience: earnings history
$40k or more earnings in a year3
Less than $40k earnings in a year0
Canadian work experience: NOC Skill Level
$40 per hour or higher10
$20 to $39.99 per hour5
Less than $20 per hour0
Highest level of education
Bachelors or equivalent6
College diploma or trade certificate5
Field of study
Health care10
Math and Computer Science9
Business and Administration7
Social, Legal, Education and Science6
Arts and Humanities5
Canadian education experience
More than one Canadian credential10
One Canadian credential5
Official language ability
CLB 9 or higher10
CLB 86
CLB 74
CLB 6 or lower0
Knowledge of official languages
2 Official Languages10
1 Official Languages5
Regional immigration: location of job Offer
Outside GTA10
Inside GTA6
Regional immigration: location of study
Outside GTA10
Inside GTA6

Strategic priorities
(To address immediate labor market needs in the province or a region of the province.)

As determined by OINP on the expression of interest system invitation to apply webpage – 10 points (if in use).

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