4 Alternatives & Samples To Job Reference Letter: Canada PR

4 Alternatives & Samples To Job Reference Letter: Canada PR

What are the most common problems we face with reference letters?

If you ask for a reference letter from your current employer

  • they might not issue such a letter
  • they might think that you will leave your their company soon
  • this might also have an adverse effect on your appraisal promotion and a professional relationship with your manager

If you ask for a reference letter from the previous employers

  • they might straight away refuse to issue such a letter or
  • they might completely ignore your request
  • also, it might be that the company no longer exists 

So what should you do in such cases?

First of all no need to get too worried. These are very common problems and the investigating officer aware of all of these issues.

But why job reference letter is so important?

A work reference letter is very important in the Canadian permanent residency application. It contains details that prove your work experience.

An employment reference letter is an official document from a company that confirms that you have such and such work experience for this position for this many years with this salary.

And if your work reference letter meets the criteria then only you may be getting your permanent residency.

And if it doesn’t meet the criteria or it is not verifiable then you might be refused for your permanent residency application.

This is the reason that it is a very important document and I have heard that so many applications are getting rejected just because of the missing information in your work reference later.

What Information Is Required in the Work Reference Letter?

Your work reference letter must be printed on official letterhead and it must include

  • Your name
  • Your company name and contact including your location of work
  • Your job title and job duties
  • Your job status whether it is part-time or full-time or you are currently employed or not
  • The period of your work
  • Number of hours you work per week
  • Salary and benefits and
  • Name and signature of the employer

Missing Information or Incomplete Reference Letter

What should you do when your employer doesn’t provide a work reference later with all the required information?

A work reference letter with missing information is called a deficient work reference letter.

 You can provide alternative or supporting documents to prove missing information. For example: 

  • Incomplete name or nickname: Provide affidavit letter with the copy of government ID
  • Incomplete or missing company name and contact: Provide affidavit letter with company business card or any business document with name and address
  • Incomplete or missing job title and job duties: Provide an affidavit letter from your supervisor, coworker with their business card or official ID
  • Incomplete or missing job status: Provide affidavit or job letter.
  • Salary and benefits: Provide a copy of the payslips

Sample Affidavit for Missing or Incomplete Information

Here is a sample of affidavits for missing, incomplete names or name changes on any document for Canada PR.

Affidavit for Canada Pr name change

4 Alternatives to Job Reference Letter for Canada PR

Contact Your Supervisor or Manager

You have to try to get a job reference letter from your supervisor or any manager in your hierarchy.

And if you get that then it’s the best option.

Required Document:

  • Job reference letter with company letterhead and required details mentioned above.
  • Also, include their business card or official ID

Contact Your Coworker

Try to get a job reference from a co-worker who is already working in the same company.

And if you cannot get it on a letterhead then try to get it on blank paper. Attach his id and provide any kind of confirmation that he is still working at the same company.

If you are trying to get the letter through email then it must be from the official email id. So that it’s a confirmation that the co-worker is still working at the same company.

Required Document:

  • Job reference letter with or without company letterhead and required details mentioned above.
  • Also, include your coworker business card or official ID
  • And supporting documents

Affidavit From Supervisor or Coworker

 If your co-worker or supervisor is not working in the same company anymore then try to convince them to write an affidavit. And specify that you have performed these job duties under this job role for this period of time.

Required Document:

  • Affidavit from supervisor or coworker with all the necessary details.
  • Also include their official ID.
  • And supporting documents

Letter of Explanation

And if you cannot get one of these three options then the final option is to create a letter of explanation.

In the letter of explanation, you can include

  • why you cannot get the letter
  • what are the steps that you have taken to receive the letter
  • include your job title, your job responsibilities, your company information, hours of work, salary, and benefits
  • include your supervisor name and designation and all the required information

Required Document: Letter of Explanation and supporting documents

Supporting Documents

The important step is to provide one of these four documents but also you need to attach some supporting documentation.

The supporting documentation can be

  • your job offer letter
  • your employer agreement letter
  • employment contract
  • job reference letter for your car loan or your home loan 
  • job reference letter to open a bank account.
  • the first couple of pay stubs for each position you have in the company
  • bank statements, if the salary is transferred to your bank account
  • t4 slips, if in Canada
  • performance review letter,
  • job promotion letter

You can attach any of these documents as proof that you work for that company.

Sample: Reference Letter From Supervisor or Coworker

Here is the sample experience letter for Canada PR

sample reference letter canada pr

sample reference letter canada immigration

sample reference letter canada express entry

Sample: Affidavit From Supervisor or Coworker

Here is the sample affidavit from the supervisor or coworker for Canadian immigration

Sample Affidavit From Supervisor or Coworker

Sample Affidavit From Supervisor or Coworker

Sample: Letter of Explanation (For No Job Reference Letter)

Here is the sample Affidavit for reference letter.

sample Affidavit for reference letter

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