Why is Skillshare so expensive? You Should Know This

Why is Skillshare so expensive? You Should Know This

Skillshare is an online website that offers online courses on different professions and fields. It is the fastest growing online learning platform, which assists students to learn and grow in all educational fields.


Why is Skillshare so expensive?

Skillshare is so expensive because it offers a hundred of thousands of courses in a wide range of fields. They provide good quality by hiring experienced teachers. 

skillshare offers the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects online from qualified instructors. You can watch the majority of the content taught by Skillshare experts at your own pace while learning through high-quality videos.

Skillshare Pricing

The premium plan’s monthly charge is 32 dollars. They also have another discounted package, in which they charge 168 dollars annually, which becomes 13$ monthly.

Skillshare has different packages, the most popular one is their premium one. Their subscription charges are quite expensive. It is because they hire special professionals in their respective fields and pay them for their services. 

Also, they get their share cut too from the amount. Moreover, you can enjoy the following benefits after enrolling in their paid subscription package.

Is Skillshare worth joining?

If you have a lot of time to dedicate to learning online, Skillshare is a great offer. If you want to learn a few things at once, you may rush through several courses or even several courses on various subjects.

For instance, you could study both photography and photo/video editing, building a very broad skill set that you could then utilize to launch a freelancing business! 

The ability to switch to another course or teacher if you enrol in one but don’t enjoy it is another major advantage of having limitless classes. No remorse or money spent.

Community-based learning

Students taking a Skillshare program can communicate with other participants to exchange advice, discuss their progress, respond to queries, etc.

Therefore, in addition to learning via your computer or smartphone, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with others who share your interest in learning about the same subjects. You’ll be able to stay motivated thanks to this, and it might even open up engagement opportunities for you.

Skillshare also has groups on a variety of topics that you might find interesting. As a result, you can connect with individuals who share your interests and engage in collaboration, idea sharing, and project sharing.

Do students get benefits from the Skillshare platform?

 Yes, Skillshare, one of the biggest organizations in the e-learning industry, is effective. According to our experience, it’s a good approach to picking up new talents.

The quality varies, though, and some programs are more excellent than others because Skillshare is a platform for a range of educators to publish their courses. So, before picking a program to participate in, thoroughly read evaluations written by previous students.

However, if you select a highly ranked Skillshare course with good evaluations, the platform does function, and you can anticipate excellent courses and tangible outcomes from your studying time.

Does Skillshare provide the certification for joining its expensive premium package?

 To prove that you have finished a course, Skillshare does not offer credentials of achievement or any other sort of official documentation.

Most of the time, companies desire to see examples of their work, real-world projects, and talents. This is particularly true in contemporary industries like computer science, programming languages, and digital marketing.

Nevertheless, there are still some market segments and niches where certificates are significant. Therefore, Skillshare is not the best option if you need a legitimate certification in a certain field.

There is a wide range in the level of teachers and courses, which is another drawback of Skillshare, as there is with all of the major online learning platforms. Simply put, some instructors are far superior to others.

Luckily, Skillshare makes every effort to provide you with the knowledge you need to pick excellent courses by allowing you to watch overview videos before enrolling in a course and view past participant evaluations.

Does Skillshare offer free trial classes before joining their paid courses?

Before evaluating whether it’s worth the money, you can attend Skillshare lessons for free with their trial subscription. Skillshare has provided 2-month free trials and, on rare occasions, 3-month free trials in past.

14 days of no-cost access are now available on Skillshare. At the time of writing, this is the best deal we could find for free Skillshare classes.

Although it isn’t quite as extensive as the free trials they’ve previously provided, it still gives you enough time to sign up for several courses and possibly finish one or two of them.

Who should join Skillshare?

For those who like practical training, Skillshare is fantastic. For those who wish to quickly learn useful, creative abilities, this is a terrific online learning resource.

People who desire options will also appreciate it. Skillshare offers 27,000 courses. Skillshare may be for you if you frequently scroll through the same programs on other education sites while wondering when new information will be added. You could dive deep and swim far and still not have covered even a small portion of the information.

Who should not join Skillshare?

If you’re searching for more in-depth education, Skillshare might disappoint you. This platform is designed for quick lessons that provide you with the most effective instruction possible on a single skill.  

You must connect those abilities. But Skillshare may not be ideal for you if you’re searching for a 10-week course about how to master any language.

 If you’re a student seeking the top experts in a subject, Skillshare may not be your best option. Finding the teacher that best suits you on Skillshare is one of the fun things about the platform, which includes hundreds of different teachers.

Last but not least, as discussed earlier, Skillshare won’t be a good fit if you’re seeking authorized or certificated courses. These courses provide you with challenging, practical skills. They are not certified, though, so they cannot assist you in obtaining the online MBA you have been pursuing.

 However, they might assist you in developing the precise abilities you need to flourish at your work. Just ask yourself, “Is this the proper platform for me? “; there is no right or incorrect response. Skillshare can be the ideal solution for the rapid student who wants to acquire abilities right away.


An excellent value is already provided by the sheer number and calibre of Skillshare classes that are accessible to you with a paid subscription. Additionally, you can save a lot of money if you already plan to buy any programming language covered by Skillshare Perks.

  • A tailored learning environment with recommendations for well-liked courses that may be of interest to you
  • Offline streaming options for studying on the go Financial support for teachers
  • Exceptional Skillshare benefits include savings for Squarespace and Canva Pro, as well as a huge discount on Adobe products.
  • Full access to 35,000+ courses in every field, including cuisine, filmmaking, and the fine arts.
  • Programs created in-depth by experts in their industry.
  • Excellent sound and visuals.

Now, I hope you understand Why is skillshare so expensive?

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