IMM 5476: Representative USE & Complete Details

IMM 5476: Representative USE & Complete Details

If you are applying for immigration to Canada, you will need to appoint a representative. This is a process that involves filling out a form called the IMM 5476. The IMM5476 is a PDF document that you need to submit to IRCC when you want to appoint a representative. IRCC will then contact the representative on your behalf.

Imm 5476 who needs to fill it? The IMM 5476 form, also known as the “Use of a Representative” form, is for appointing someone to help with your immigration or visa application in Canada. If you want assistance from a family member, friend, or consultant, you can fill it out.

This read is all about this representative document!


What is IMM5476?

Submission To IRCC

The usage of a representative form is IMM5476. When a candidate wants to appoint a representative, he or she must submit the following PDF document to IRCC.

Business With CIC

On behalf of the candidate and his or her family members, a representative oversees the immigration procedure. In summary, anybody who wishes to do business with CIC on behalf of the candidate and with his or her knowledge is referred to as a representative.


Your family member, buddy, lawyer, and even an immigration consultant can all serve as your representative. Once you’ve chosen a representative, he or she will complete all of the necessary paperwork, submit your application to CIC, and provide information on it.

What are the requirements for the IMM 5476?

Nominating Representative

If you’re planning to nominate a representative for your immigration application to Canada, you only need to use this form as a candidate. In addition, via a consultant portal, your consultant may file an application on your behalf for submission.

The principal applicant, as well as his or her spouse or common-law partner, must also sign the form once your documentation is finished.

Candidate Signings

It’s worth noting that the candidate will likewise need to complete and sign his or her own IMM5476 forms for the visa if he or she has any accompanying dependent children aged 18 years old or older. 

If the CIC representative is not managing the process on their behalf, they will not have to do this.

To put it another way, you must use the online IMM5476e form if you want to:

  • The principal applicant
  • His/her spouse or common-law partner
  • An 18-year-old or older dependent child is included

Who should fill IMM 5476?

Fill IMM 5476

You must fill out the Use of a Representative form, commonly called form IMM 5476, if you are using a representative to assist you with a Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) application.

Authorization & Case Time

You can use the form to: – confirm that your representative is authorized to act on your behalf; and – explain what your representative does for you and how much time your representative spends on your case.

Is IMM 5476 mandatory?

It is not possible to define a unique number for each individual. You do not need to submit the Use of a Representative form (IMM 5476) with your application if you will not be using an immigration representative.

However, if you will be using an immigration representative, it is a good idea to have your representative complete the Use of a Representative form.

Can my immigration or citizenship application be handled by my friend or family member?

Yes, if you apply with a filled out Use of a Representative Form (IMM 5476). If you want a representative (immigration or citizenship consultant, lawyer, friend, family member, or any other individual who can provide advice, consultation, or assistance to you at any point in the immigration or citizenship application process).

Or during an immigration or citizenship hearing) to represent you at any time throughout the application process and/or during an immigration or citizenship hearing then this type is for you.

Who can act as a representative?

Authorized Representative

A person must be an authorized representative to provide citizenship or immigration advice or representation to a client for a fee or other consideration. Please note that the information in this document does not pertain to passport applications or any related procedures under the Canadian Passport Order.

These responsibilities include requesting information on the application’s progress and performing actions on behalf of the applicant throughout processing.

Representative: Member Of Law Society

Individuals who are paid to intervene and obtain information on behalf of the applicant during application processing must be a lawyer, notary, or other members in good standing of a law society, or a member in good standing of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC).

Crime, Law & Fee

For the following purposes, it is a crime for anybody other than an authorized representative to represent or advise clients for a fee or any form of remuneration: A91 of the Immigration Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and A21.1 of the Citizenship Act.

  • Before a proceeding starts or an application is filed, or at any point in the immigration process, whether before or after a petition is filed or
  • on citizenship matters.

IMM5476 instruction guide

The representative form (IMM 5476) has four sections, according to the instruction guide. The candidate’s details are necessary for each section.

  • Section A 

Every of your given names and your family name (IMM5707) is required. You’ll also need to specify your birth date. You may also provide any information you have about your Citizenship Application (CIT 0002) and Immigration Canada identification number. Your immigration file number, or UCI number, is another name for this number.

  • Section B

All of your agent’s important information must be entered. Type the names of your elected officials first. Next, you must state if your rep is paid or unpaid and whether or not he or she belongs to one of the categories specified. 

The province or territory, as well as the representative’s membership ID number, Lastly, enter your legislator’s contact information.

  • Section C 

You may let the person know that you no longer require his or her services. Canceling a representative means that you will no longer obtain information or participate in an immigration procedure on your behalf.

  • Section D 

In this section, all the information you provided should be legitimate, accurate, and full, according to you. You must date stamp the form once you’re done. In addition, the IMM5476f form requires that all other candidates give their signatures on it.

On the Canada website, you may download and view official instructions. The IRCC website has the new version available, as well as the updated IMM 5706e pdf.

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