WES Evaluation For Canada PR| Account| Immigration|

WES Evaluation For Canada PR| Account| Immigration|

Obtaining a Canadian ECA is an important step in immigrating to Canada. If you are planning on immigrating through WES Evaluation For Canada PR, this document will help to ensure that your application is processed smoothly and that your credentials are accurate. 

By getting your credentials evaluated, you need to get much information on the WES evaluation process for Canada Pr in this article!


Much Needed Information

You can’t even begin without this if you choose the Express Entry path. It’s also used by a lot of PNP streams. I have done my research on this before beginning the ECA procedure for my credentials assessment in Canada. 

So, no ECA = no Canada PR for the most part. In any case, read the visa article for Canada before you decide to immigrate.

What is the Purpose of Canada Educational Credential Assessment?

Educational Assessment

There would be no need for an educational credential assessment in a fair world. However, Canadian authorities have no idea if the material you studied in college or university has a counterpart in Canada.


They must make sure of it as a result. They also have to make sure that the documents and transcripts you have are genuine, not something you purchased online.


If you have studied in Canada, an ECA isn’t necessary anymore. It compares your education to that of your Canadian counterpart. It’s self-evident, isn’t it? However, an ECA is required for your Canada PR if you have studied outside of the country.

How to Get Your ECA for Canada?

Pay To Start Your Process

For educational qualifications evaluation in Canada, there are a variety of groups you may join. The evaluation procedure will begin only after you pay and they obtain the required papers from you or your institution. Regardless of which organization you pick, the evaluation procedure will only commence once you pay. 

  • For Canadian qualifications, ECAs are not required. Many ECA firms, such as bachelors and masters, provide ECA reports.

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for the credential WES evaluation for Canada procedure to complete.


Doctors’ basic medical qualification must be evaluated by the Medical Council of Canada. The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada requires pharmacists who want to practice in Canada to have their qualifications reviewed.

Another consideration is that the criteria for evaluating something might change. So, if you don’t get the kind of assessment you were hoping for based on your qualifications, you can apply with a different assessing body.

  • Ultimately, the ECA judgment is made by an assessing body. No one can really guarantee that you’ll get the results based on the recommendations.

So, Why WES is the Best ECA for Canada Immigration?

Immigrants Believe in ECA

Believe it or not, I’m not saying this because I love WES or because I have a particular soft spot in my heart for them. Go and ask around, and you’ll find out. WES is the finest ECA for entering Canada, according to most immigrants.

Quickest Process On Same Price

In Canada, WES is by far the most well-known for providing educational credential evaluations. They process information the quickest of all the agencies, and they charge the same price as everyone else. WES should be your first option unless you are a physician or a pharmacist.

Other Agencies

Of course, there may be times when you want to look for additional CRS points by working with other agencies if you want to increase your chances of admission to Canada.

For applying ECA on WES for Canada, follow these steps.

1. Create an Account on WES Portal

By visiting the WES website, you can create an account. Because WES also does ECA for the United States, make sure to pick Canada as the country where you will use your evaluation.

  • WES Standard Application

If you want to study in Canada and obtain a Canadian driver’s license, this is for you. So, in order to obtain a study visa, you’ll need this. 

  • ECA Application for IRCC

People who want to immigrate to Canada via express entry or PNP route often use this type of application. All of this is handled by IRCC Canada, a government body. This is the choice of the vast majority of you.

  • ECA Application for Agri-Food Pilot

This is all you need for the Agri-Food Pilot project. I picked the option ‘ECA Application for IRCC, so I clicked on the ‘Start Application’ button. 

Before you may create the account, you’ll be asked to provide personal information on the following page, such as your date of birth.

2. Provide Mailing Address to World Education Services

You’ll need to provide your mailing address and phone number once you’ve created a WES account. WES would ship your ECA hard copy to this address. The hard copy is valuable in various conditions, but it isn’t required.

3. Provide Education for WES Evaluation

Here is when you’ll need to provide your educational information, which is the most vital step.

  • Prefer Highest Completed Credential

For an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA), IRCC Canada now only requires applicants to submit their highest completed credential. 

Therefore, you would want to have your Masters evaluated rather than your Bachelors if you have a Master’s and Bachelors. Yet, this comes with a restriction for certain nations.

  • Add Credentials

To complete your educational qualifications, click on the “Add Credential” button. When you do this step, you’ll want to have your certificate in front of you so that you don’t make any errors.

4. Confirm the Recipients for Credential Assessment in Canada

You may choose who will get the ECA once you finish inputting your academic information for Canada ECA on WES. WES would send the educational credential assessment report to:

  • you, the applicant
  • IRCC Canada, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

You may now add additional recipients from WES’s approved list. You can pick the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program, for example, if you want your ECA to go to it. You can also select from a variety of state governments.

5. WES Requirements for Evaluation of Degree in Canada

To comprehend what papers are really required for the WES assessment in Canada, pay close consideration to this webpage. Depending on where you received your education, the document requirements and submission may change significantly.

WES permits students from a wide range of nationalities to submit their official transcripts in a self-addressed envelope or electronically.

6. Pay WES Evaluation Fees

WES evaluation fees may be paid in one of three ways.

  • Credit card
  • Cheque/money order
  • Western Union Money Transfer

The quickest way to pay nowadays is to use a credit card.

7. Upload Documents for WES Evaluation for Canada Pr

To get started, I needed to send a copy of my certificate to Canada for credential assessment. If you don’t need to do it, skip this step. You’ll need to upload it to the “My Accounts” area for this. 

There are a few things you should know before uploading.

  • Only PDF or JPEG files are acceptable. Don’t use passwords to protect your PDF. File sizes larger than 10 MB are not allowed.
  • There are a maximum of 20 files that you can upload. If several pages are connected, please consider merging them into one file.
  • Only submit appropriate, readable materials. Once you’ve uploaded your papers, they can’t be deleted.
  • Uploads for degree certificates and translations are only available for academic transcripts and mark sheets.

8. Transcript Submission WES Degree Evaluation

Now comes the tricky part. Particularly if your institution lacks a way to electronically deliver the papers or for you to request them to do so.

The following is a newsflash: Certain institutions, notably those in developing nations, do not. So, in this situation, you’ll have to travel to your institution or school, fill out some paperwork, get some signatures, pay any costs, and maybe pull a few strings for the institution to mail the records in a sealed package.

9. WES Receives Your Transcripts

The status of your application would change once WES receives your transcripts. On the same day, you’ll get an email from WES.

10. Receive the ECA from WES

You may view the WES portal once the evaluation is finished. You’ll be able to read and download the IRCC evaluation report that they’ve sent to Canada from their website.

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