Is There a Free Version of Skillshare: Guide 2023

Is There a Free Version of Skillshare: Guide 2023

Skillshare is an educational website where you learn new skills through videos. You choose classes from a wide range of courses, including web design, photography, marketing, and coding. But it is expensive for many students. So we wonder: is there a free version of Skillshare?

So we looked into the skillshare pricing structure and researched how you can find free classes on Skillshare in different categories. In this article, you will find skillshare free classes in

  • Animation
  • Creative Writing
  • Film & Writing
  • Fine Arts
  • Creative Writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Music
  • Photography
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Development

Read this article carefully, you’ll get valuable information from it. So, let’s begin.


Is There a Free Version of Skillshare


Is There a Free Version of Skillshare

Yes, there is a free version of Skillshare. With the free version of Skillshare, you can access free classes on Skillshare in:

Animation, Creative Writing, Film & Writing, Fine Arts, Creative Writing, Graphic Designing, Music, Photography, UI/UX Design, Web Development, and much more.

Become an Expert Through Skillshare

Skillshare provides a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise among individuals who wish to learn something new. Through the platform, users can share their knowledge and expertise with others to improve their own skill sets.

You can also receive feedback from peers and experts regarding your work.

Skillshare Pricing

Free & Paid Plans

Skillshare offers various types of memberships, including a free trial period and paid plans. The free plan allows users to access any course without paying a fee.

However, if you wish to continue using the service after your free trial ends, you’ll need to purchase a premium subscription. 

Timely Subscription & Discount

The price varies depending on the length of your billing cycle. You can also choose between monthly and yearly subscriptions. If you want to use the premium version of Skillshare, please don’t forget to avail 30% discount on your first year.

Skillshare Lifetime Membership

Is There A Free Version Of Skillshare

A Yearly Subscription Is The Best

There is no lifetime membership option available on Skillshare. Purchases of subscriptions must be made on a monthly or annual basis. The best deal on Skillshare is the yearly subscription, which saves you a lot of money compared to the monthly fee.

Premium Subscription: Unlimited Access

The membership allows you to access all of Skillshare’s classes. A Skillshare subscription offers something for every learning style. Learners have virtually unlimited access to education with the Premium subscription.

Premium vs. Free Skillshare Classes

Skillshare offers hundreds of entertaining and exciting courses on many topics and categories for freePremium version of the site gives five more sets of courses. You’ll also have a sub-category course in the paid version
If you are a self-learner and do not need a conversation about a particular chapter in a course, Skillshare Free is an attractive choiceYou will get exclusive access to the preferred instructor’s workshops and live hands-on instruction.
Skillshare Free only provides free courses; nothing elseSome lecturers provide helpful materials besides the video lectures in the premium version, but you cannot access these without paying for the premium version of Skillshare
Sometimes you might be unable to access the complete course in the free versionSo for the more significant benefit, you must buy the premium version.

How to Find Free Classes on Skillshare

Following are the methods to find out about Skillshare’s free online courses:-

1. By Following the Direct Link for Free Online Courses Link:

You can find the free online courses by clicking on the following link.

Research Is Required

To see a list of all the free online courses offered by Skillshare, click on this link. However, it might be tricky to find the courses per your interest. You have to do some research if you want to find free courses per your interest, but you can access all free classes using this approach. 

This can make it challenging to sort through all the alternatives and select a class covering a particular subject. Our following approach is used in this situation.

2. Searching for Free Courses using specific Topic

  1. Go to the link (
  2. Write the Topic as per your interest in the search bar. For example, try typing in content writing, accessible writing, or email writing. 
  3. After getting the result of your search, you can see the tab “Class Type” on the left side of your screen. Click on the “Free” tab under the class type.
  4. You’ll have all the free courses available at Skillshare on the screen.

Final Thoughts

Quality Tutorials

Is There A Free Version Of Skillshare

Skillshare is one of the best websites available that provide quality online courses. You can improve your skills by watching the public video lectures at Skillshare. There are a lot of free classes available at Skillshare. 

Free Version Is Limited

You can enhance existing skills or develop new skills by watching videos of all the courses of your interest. However, Skillshare offers a limited option in the free online courses.

Get Premiun For Better Experience

If you want to get reviews from the instructors against your work or you want to get extra material, you might need to buy a premium version. You can get monthly or annual packages of Skillshare Online Courses.

Annual Membership Is Priority

Sometimes, you cannot access a complete course of your interest for free. If you want to get a premium version, you should go for the annual subscription because it will save you money.


Is Skillshare free?

Yes, there are a lot of free courses available at Skillshare, but to get the maximum benefit from Skillshare, you have to buy its monthly/annual subscription.

What is the period of the free trial version of Skillshare?

You’ll have a 30 Days free trial version of Skillshare.

Can I Become an Instructor at Skillshare?

Yes, you can be an instructor at Skillshare if you are competent enough to conduct an engaging course at Skillshare.

Is Skillshare beneficial for Technology related Courses?

Yes, Skillshare offers comprehensive tech-related courses. You can improve your technical skill by watching videos of Tech-related classes available at Skillshare.

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